The 5 benefits of a meditation retreat

The 5 benefits of a meditation retreat

How much time do you spend (exclusively on yourself)? This is a question we should all ask ourselves.Many of us would surely answer that they seldom focus on themselves. We spend our time and our life dealing with things that, very often, we did not want. It is therefore sometimes important, from time to time, to do a meditation retreat.

A meditation retreat is a day when you are away from your usual place of residence or work.The main goal is to think of you and your life. The basic activity is the reflection and the essential motivation, to know yourself better and to evaluate how you feel.

The ideal is that this meditation retreat lasts at least a full day.It is necessary that you do it alone. Choose a place where you can rest, at ease and without great distractions. Its effect is wonderful when put into practice. Here are five of its benefits.

"The life of every man is a way to oneself, the test of a path, the sketch of a path."

-Hermann Hesse-

Loneliness eliminates many pretexts

We spend a lot of our time surrounded by other people.We focus on the interactions we have with them.We focus on others: what they tell us, how they see us, how they respond to us, and so on. In a word, we look outside.

In a meditation retreat, these external stimuli disappear because we are moving away from others. We remain alone with ourselves. At first, this can be embarrassing for some people because they are not used to it. A feeling of abandonment and distress can arise. But if we focus on what we are going to do, that feeling disappears.We are digging little by little in our interior. We give ourselves the opportunity to take a different look,a different point of view from the one we usually use.

Taking your distance gives you another perspective

By moving away a little from our daily reality, we facilitate the development of a more global vision of our life.It is as if we are mentally in a position that allows us to see the complete panorama. Much of the details fade away, but the general plan becomes clearer.

In these conditions, we have better tools to evaluate the vital moment that we are currently experiencing.It is easier to perceive if we are where we want to be or if we are very far from this place. Our emotions become tranquil and in this way we manage to see the panorama in a more neutral way.

Disconnect, one of the great benefits of a meditation retreat

To disconnect means to make a temporary break with the technological means and the routine. This is already a source of rest.The brain needs, from time to time, to reduce the external stimuli to their simplest expression. This is only possible through a temporary retreat.The meditation retreat is therefore appropriate.

By disconnecting, you allow your brain to reorganize quietly. You also offer a state of relaxation and serenity to your emotions.Disconnecting involves slowing down the pace, giving you time to digest your feelings, thoughts and emotions.This will make you feel more serene and give you a greater sense of control.

Reactivate repressed emotions

Just as some emotions lose intensity during a meditation retreat,some subjective realities begin to emerge. Among them, we find repressed feelings and emotions.Sometimes it is sadness and sometimes fear, anger or worry.

When you spend time, one of the effects produced is that the real "me" is more likely to express itself. Without knowing how, memories of facts that you thought you had forgotten re-emerge. Ora sensation appears to speak to you about something that has not yet happened in your consciousness.Retirement is a place where your voice does not have to compete with others.

Rest, in the deep sense of the term

Resting does not mean staying idle or saturated with distractions. You do not really rest if your mind fails to move away from everyday concernsand to substitute them with a creative and / or liberating exercise. In fact, psychological fatigue is much more powerful than physical fatigue. Rather than resting the body, you have to calm your emotions.

A meditation retreat allows you to reach a real rest.You do not have to set rigid goals or feel that the experience must be "productive"in terms of observable results. Sometimes a retreat just pushes us to wander. But even in this case, it opens doors to let us get rid of some of what we carry in us.

It is advisable to book a few days a year for a meditation retreat. There are no formulas.To meditate is mainly to calm oneself and to contemplate.It's a gift we should never stop doing. One way to provide care and affection.

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