The 3 times of the couple

The 3 times of the couple

One of the keys to a relationship works is mutual respect. There are many ways and opportunities to show others that we understand, share, or accept their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. But the main illustration of this is maybethe existence of the 3 times of the couple: his, yours and yours.

Because of the monotony, the arrival of children, for lack of time or pure selfishness, we sometimes forget what we need and opt for "the usual": the ABC of everyday life. We are absorbed by the eagerness, the obligations and the routine ends up putting an end to the time of the other and the one shared. However,knowing how to escape this vicious circle makes it possible to affirm all the more the bases of our romantic relationship.Let's see what are the 3 times of the couple.

The well-being of a relationship was based on the harmony of the 3 times of the couple.

His time

Normally, theone of the most feared sentences is that of "I need time". We listen to this from our spouse and our alarm signals are activated.The questions begin. Has he stopped loving me? Does he want to break up with me? Have I tired? Is there another person?

Separating a few weeks can sometimes save the relationship or even reinvent it. It is nevertheless preferable to take measures beforehand to avoid reaching this limit situation. heit is necessary to understand and know the person with whom we share our life.

We can ask ourselves some questions. What does he do during his free time? Does he like cycling, reading, walking, shopping? What does he do to release all his accumulated tensions when he is stressed?The most difficult thing is not usually to notice or know each other's tastes and needs. The most difficult thing is to respect them when they are different from ours.And do not interrupt or boycott this space, but make it easier for him to have it and enjoy it.

If our partner knows it will be good for him to go out with his friends and share anecdotes, let's encourage him to do so. It is not appropriate here to be angry, to avoid it or to generate a bad climate. It is also not the moment to be jealous or to give it to choose between them and us.Doing something different does not mean that the other does not love us. That means he needs this space.

Your time

Our moments are also part of these 3 times of the couple.Just as we must respect each other's, we must also cover what we need individually. Do not make the mistake of depriving ourselves of moments that satisfy us. They allow us to breathe during the day and this will affect our well-being. If we are not good ourselves, we will have trouble getting our spouse to be.

The routine is such wind, ice or rain that wears or erodes the relationship.And even more so if it does not incorporate true love details that make the difference and strengthen the foundations of the relationship to obstacles and the passage of time.

Indeed,Contrary to what is advised, many people, when they start a new relationship, put aside their traditional circle of support: friends and family. If everyone had his group, his work, his distractions and his laughing moments, at the beginning of the relationship, why is there so little over the years?

It is very important to integrate the survival or pleasure of the couple with the personal aspects and dimensions that make us happy. We can enjoy everything. We can also learn to do this, assuming there is an obstacle that makes resistance. The key is to look for and find the balance to grow and, from there, contribute to the evolution of the relationship.

The fact that we have decided to follow a path together does not mean that we have to do everything together.It is very healthy for each of us to feed on our own energy sources. These will recharge us, for example, when our spouse goes through a complicated time and needs help.


Relationships are not like cactuses flowing once a month. If we compare them with a plant, it would be with a much more delicate plant, which requires care and attention more frequently. heEast it is therefore necessary to take care of them and polish them daily. They would fade otherwise with the passage of time going on and the lack of attention. They end up growing arbitrarily if we only look at them from time to time.

One of the most common reasons for failure of a relationship is the lack of shared quality time. Therefore, affection, attention, such asthe details and the demonstrations of love should not be an exception, but the guideline marking the daily life of the healthy couple.

But beware. Quantity is as important as quality.It may be better to share moments, a good laugh, a conversation. To find one another and bring out that love that unites us.

As we can see, the well-being of a relationship is not based on being stuck to the other. It is rather aboutfind the harmony between the 3 times of the couple: yours, his and yours.The goal will be to achieve a balance in which we both feel comfortable. And nothing like better communication to lay the foundations of this implicit agreement, whose purpose is the well-being of both, not one.

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