The 10 laws of abundance

The 10 laws of abundance

The laws of abundance encompass some of the so-called "laws of the universe." They refer to a series of beliefs related to positive thinking. According to the laws of abundance, it is likely that we will succeed where we think we can reach it. In this way, the mindset of abundance is a help to achieve what we impose on ourselves.

According to Sergio Fernandez, the author of Live without a boss, there are 10 laws of abundance and they exist in the universe even if we do not participate.

What are we referring to in abundance?

According to the first meaning of the dictionary, the term abundance refers to a large quantity, whether physical or conceptual. The second meaning, on the other hand, corresponds to the "prosperity, wealth or well-beingIt is this meaning that interests us.

Abundance can therefore refer to prosperity and well-being. So, by broadening its meaning, we could say that abundance corresponds to a mental, moral and physical state that helps us achieve our goals.

The 10 laws of abundance

According to Sergio Fernandez, here are the 10 laws of abundance that govern our universe.

1. Law of Creation

"Thoughts and emotions create the reality in which we live or not where in the same way, what is tangible happens in the immaterial."

In this way, Fernandez tells us that we are able to create what we want to be, do or have if at first we feel it and think it.

2. Law of vibration

"I get what I think the most, whether I want it or not."

Linked to the former, this law states that the more we think or feel, the more we believe in it. As stated in the law, it can have a negative effect if our emotions or thoughts have no positive value.

3. Law of cause and effect

"Everything you experience in life is a result."

Our experiences are connected by a succession of causes and effects intrinsic to these. Our actions, our thoughts and our emotions will thus find their origin in our past and will reverberate in our future. The immediate consequence of this idea is that we have infinite power over our present to influence what happens to us.

4. Law of Balance

"Abundance is giving generously and being excellent at the time of receiving."

According to this law, we will be restored in a certain way to what we are able to bring to the world. In fact, if we hope the world works better, we can help make it better.

5. Law of the order

"The order of life is to be-do-have."

The order must be this one and not another. First you have to be something to be able to do it then get results. If we want to have a successful pastry for example, it will first be a specialist in the field to then create the product. Finally, and if we have followed the steps correctly, we will reach the goal.

6. Law of Action

"I do something like I do everything else."

We all have a signature, a style. This way of acting is the one that defines us, the one that distinguishes us from others and ends up defining us. This style will actually turn into a kind of inertia that invite us to act coherently with what we have already done and how we have done it.

7. Act of least effort

"Striving generates stress and consumes your energy, something that is far from living abundantly."

It is not about eliminating the effort of our life or doing our activities without envy; but to find the simplest and most productive way to achieve the goal. If a simpler way exists to achieve the same goals: why spend our energy?

8. Law of means and ends

"I will only be able to reach happiness tomorrow by being happy today."

As we have seen in the law of order, we must first be to have. If we want the end, we must find the way. In this case, the happiness of tomorrow will be conditioned by the one of the same day.

9. Law of Expression of Gifts

"Putting your gift in the service of others is a cause of abundance."

As is perceptible in Law 4, we must be generous if we want the world to bring us generosity. By sharing what we know how to do, we will contribute to good social functioning.

10. Law of the detachment

"I am bound to the action and I detach myself from the result of the action."

Contrary to what one might perceive in this quote, we must not realize an action by thinking of the result. If we are generous, we will find generosity in those around us, but our attention should not be in receiving, but in giving.

After reviewing the 10 laws of abundance, we are all free to adopt them andintegrate the results of personal reflection into our personal history.

Reach the abundance!

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