That you soften your hearing is useless if you make your life bitter

That you soften your hearing is useless if you make your life bitter

Although sensitive to the circumstances, each of us can rely on a different characteristic pattern that will define our relationships. Thus, we can talk about people with a style of close relationships and people with a style of distance relationships. We can also talk about people easily trusting and people with more trouble. On another level, we can evoke the people making the lives of others bitter and others; those who are specialists in softening lives.

By starting a relationship with these people, it is easy to understand each other by listening to the most beautiful melodies. They treat us well and know how to use the least irritating words to criticize without falling into the temptation of falsity. They are sincere but sensitive people. They are far removed from the people who make life bitter.

"Do not be fooled by the beautiful words, many have sugar in their mouths and venom in their hearts."

How are people who subtly bitter your life?

There are people who make us believe that they are the best thing in our lives because they tell us what we want to hear. Often, they use their praise to reach our approval or our well-being with their praise. They can even try to achieve both goals at the same time. In any case, when a speech is not sincere, acts usually end up betraying it.

So someone can tell us that we are the best to look after children, but if he never lets us play with his … Although his words are goodhis actions do not make us feel the same conclusion. Moreover, we sometimes have trouble putting aside such conclusions. Although we are certain of the falsity of words, we may fall into the temptation to rely on them.

It's as if we forget in an instant the harm they did to us because their words produce in us a feeling of security and confidence so great that it is difficult for us to come back to reality and understand that they are lying to us.

When those who make our life bitter are the same as those who soften it

If someone's words do not agree with his actionsit is likely that this person will end up making our life bitter. In addition, one can usually identify certain characteristics in a person of this kind. Indeed, she:

  • Is not sincere. Once you have tracked down her first lie, you will suspect her other stories and think that some of the stories told may never have happened or that her motives are different from those she has presented.
  • Is not spontaneous. Lying is complicated, it requires a lot of memory and an important personal control.
  • Do not pay much attention to what makes you feel bad.Although you present the situations in which you feel uncomfortable because they generate in you of the malaise; this person's behavior will do nothing to help you.
  • You manipulate. With her words, she makes you feel guilty. She shows you that you did not act according to her criteria. She takes advantage of your speech without doubting to modify it to turn it in her favor.

People who wind up with their words to take advantage of you are not worth it. They are only trying to hurt you or act for their own benefit. What exists between you is only a matter of interest. If you feel trapped by the words of someone who does not behave well with you and makes you feel bad, you are facing a person who is hurting you.

Everyone do not artificially put sugar in their words. On the contrary, there are many who firmly believe what they say when they go for a compliment. There are often sincere people when they make a compliment. They express what pleases them when they really like it.

How to protect yourself from those who make your life bitter?

It is sometimes difficult to know how to protect ourselves from people who make our lives bitter. Especially when they both help to make our ears softer. However, there are several strategies that can help us.

  • Mark limits
  • Have confidence
  • You value

Protecting ourselves from the people who make our life bitter is our responsibility. If we can limit them, why not do it? If we place ourselves as a priority, it will be easier to protect ourselves and to have our time intelligently.

Benefits of protecting oneself from people making our life bitter

Protecting ourselves from people who are charming (when it's just a disguise) helps us to free ourselves from their venom. Gradually, they become toxic and they do it so gradually that when we become aware of it, we have already accepted the compromises they have proposed to us. When we set limits, there are several advantages:

  • Greater tranquility
  • Release of stress
  • Weaker feeling of guilt
  • Greater security
  • Increase our self-esteem
  • Improvement of our self-knowledge
  • Greater harmony
  • Greater focus on what we really want

Your personal knowledge will be your ally when it comes to setting limits on the person who softens your hearing and makes your life bitter. Indeed, having a connection with yourself, you will be easier to draw positivity.

Do not let your life become hell. Remember that there are artificial sweeteners everywhere. To stop them depends largely on you. Why listen to those who speak well but treat us badly? That softening your hearing is useless if you make your life bitter.

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