Thank you, simply

Thank you, simply

"What is the magic word?" Is one of the phrases we have all heard more than once in our childhood. Of course, one had to answer "thank you!" At first we did not really understand its meaning and we just said it to answer our parents.

To say thank you was to receive the recognition and approval of the person who was important to us, quite independently of the act of thanking ourselves.

The value of a word

Gradually, we have automated the use of the word thank you in our daily life, losing much of its original meaning. It is therefore important that we stop for a moment on this word to understand what it means and the wonderful power of such a simple word!

When you thank someone, you tell them that you recognize and value the time they have just given you. You tell her with a 5-letter word that she did what she had to do and that you owe her something.

You recognize her efforts and you show her that she has gained your trust. You show him, with a simple thank you, that you felt appre- ciated in the gesture she had for you and that you derive a certain affection for her.

On the other hand, to say thank you to someone, it is also to say that you are happy that this person has entered your life, although it is a short moment. With a simple word, you say something that has no price, but an infinite value.

A world of "thanks"

With the word "thank you", you offer a gift, and like all the gifts, so that it is more beautiful, it is better to wrap it in a beautiful paper. A "thank you" is therefore much better if it is accompanied by a smile, a moment of pause and a kindly look. Realizing these small gestures allows the person in front to receive the message with all that it contains.

A world of "thanks" is a world full of favors and human touch. It's a world we all want for those we love.

Part of that is why we pay so much attention to what the kids say. Saying thank you is one of the most important things at the bottom we know it well.

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