Thank you for being as you are, and for being where you are

Thank you for being as you are, and for being where you are

Thank you for always being here, thank you for not giving up on me, thank you for ignoring all the standards, for not running away from the slightest problem, for not having succumbed to expectations, for not having left, for do not look for excuses and not generate sadness.

Thank you for being as you are, and for being where you are.Thank you, especially since I know that it is not always easy to play this role, to be a refuge person, to have a heart made of steel.

Thanks to you, I have been able to understand that sincere tenderness never disappears, that nothing is negotiable or conditional. You taught me that if you choose to be in a place, you can stay there for a lifetime.

Since I met you, I'm a better person

To have you by my side is such an exceptional gift that I need all my life to keep you. Since I know you, I am a much better person, happier, more complete, with more desire to live and fewer fears.

I like having someone by my side who knows my fantasies, my fears and my demons.

I like you to know everything about me, and yet you decide to stay by my side. I like that you love me even when I do not deserve it. I like that you made me understand that mistakes are part of our condition.

I like to walk in life by your side, hand in hand, and understand that it is not as obscure as some of my thoughts suggested to me.

I love reaping new reasons to be a better person. I like that we are both united, and that from this union so insignificant in the eyes of the universe, can be born incredible changes.

Thank you for avoiding my shipwrecks

Thank you for helping to prevent sadness, despair and darkness from flooding me. Thank you for giving me new reasons to go forward, to open my eyes and to allow me to discover that we all carry in us a world eager to be explored.

Thank you for forgiving my lack of punctuality, for navigating by my side, for taking me to shore, for encouraging me to swim in the river of sacrifice, hard work and challenge.

Thank you for your trust, thank you for making me dream, for making me able to take paths that I never thought possible.

Thank you for telling me, without saying a word, that there are links that can never be brokenthat all is not consumption, that there is no need to distinguish oneself to shine, that we are all unforgettable and that cuddles are able to pick up all the pieces of our being in pieces.

Thank you for being on the other side of our union, for reaching out to me, not to give up this link that unites us to allow time to pass and that distance never separates us.

Thank you to recognize in me the smiles of pain, to know when I'm not good, to understand me, to offer me comfort, to give me oxygen, to allow me to relive, not to choke me to demand nothing, not to get intoxicated.

The importance of meaningful relationships

Some people become our favorite havens, places where we always want to come back.Thanks to them, we lived moments imbued with love, understanding and intimacy.

Some people give us a real breath, allow us to breathe and fill our lungs with what is authentic and healthy.

These relationships help us to move forward in life, not to stumble against its infernal pace and to understand the path to take.

It is an incredible chance to be able to feed on their presence, their deep love and our common interests.

Everything is easier when you take the path of life with a companionwhen you know that someone is waiting for you at the turn, when you know you loved.

Meaningful relationships are those that offer us the perfect words at every moment of our life, that bring us the exact amount of kisses we expect, that are forged in reciprocity and gratitude, that leave room for the essence of each, which tell us the North, which are hotbeds of love and who know how to comfort us.

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