Ten simple tips for your child to obey

Ten simple tips for your child to obey

A child who does not obey would drive any adult crazy, then unable to keep calm. When a father or mother comes home from work after a hard day and then has to look after the home, the tensions are almost ubiquitous.

There is no magic formula to make a child obey. In fact, a child must himself make decisions, which most often come up against those of the older ones.

It is therefore possible to prevent the child from winning all the battles and to bring calm back to the house.

here is 10 simple tips for your child to obey:

1. Demand progressively. You can not get everything at once. We must first make him obey for small tasks that seem easy and enjoyable, then, once acquired, move to the next level.

2. Give simple and clear instructions. Always pronounced in a normal tone and facing him (not screaming from the next room).

3. Always give instructions one by one. We will avoid listing them all at once.

4. Repeat the instruction one or two times before the child runs. Beyond two, we are already starting to be nervous. From the third unanswered time, the child will have to be punished for disobedience.

5. Encourage the child and congratulate him when he obeys you. You can, occasionally, reward him with a small gift. To hug and cuddle him if he does things right is still the best of all rewards.

6. Act accordingly if the child refuses to obey. Punishment, remonstrance but nothing more. Do not hint at his misbehavior all day.

7. Set up a system of chips or points for good behavior. In a visible place, display a schedule of the tasks to be performed (they must be simple and few).
If the child performs the task correctly, you can assign him or her a good point, and vice versa. At the end of the week and depending on the points he has earned, you can reward him or not.

8. Avoid repeated punishments. Children will get used to it and it will lose its effectiveness over time. It is better to take good behavior and to ignore a bad one than to scold him constantly.

9. Avoid as much as possible the intervention of other members of the family. They must be informed about your operation and stick to it.

10. The tenth applies to the first, second, third, etc.: patience, again and again. An adult who is in control is the best model a child can have.

Photograph published with the kind permission of Dmmalva.

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