Teach the value of the effort to our children

Teach the value of the effort to our children

Our reward lies in the effort, not the result. A total effort is a complete victory(Mahatma Gandhi)

Nothing is acquired in life. Luck does not exist. Only effort and work count. Here is what should be the most important.

Our society bathes us in a mistaken dream, in which, thanks to the means of communication, we can invent a character or develop a strategy to become rich and famous in a few moments. Unfortunately, because of that, we lost the value of the effortand we do not believe it anymore.

We believe that working every day to make a living is a stupid thing and we dream of a lottery based on lying, deception and disrespect for ourselves and others.

Many dream of this famous moment of glory that would make them win everything in a few moments and get all these material things …

We want everything right away, in the short term, to be able to savor faster. However, it is certain that great successes are cultivated over time.

Great men and women are the ones who spend their lives locked in a laboratory in order to make a discovery that would help humanity. It is these bakers who get up before sunrise to offer us the "daily bread", it is these doctors who cross the borders to help others.

These reporters who risk their lives every day, to offer a testimony of what goes on the other side of the world, these teachers who dedicate their life to research and who offer their knowledge to others, these moms who every day act as nurse, psychologist, friend or sister to their children.

These are all people who get up every day, grateful to have a job to earn a living from the sweat of their brows. They are great men and women.

The effort is to try to improve things every day with a smile, with the desire to continue fighting every day, hour after hour, minute after minute to reach his dreams; it is to be aware of the mistakes one makes and to seek solutions, even if one will have to work twice as much: that is what dignity and effort are.

Do not teach your children that things are easy to get, because everything has a price, and learning that everything is achieved through effort is one of the greatest lessons that can be learned during life. childhood.

Stress is like growing a seed. Over time, it will water and take care of it, so that at the right time it offers us its fruit. Effort is friend of motivation and consistency, not laziness and disinterest.

How to transmit and teach the value of the effort?

The value of effort is not an innate thing. It is the parents who must teach it to their children, which requires a little training. It consists of creating habits and responsibilities, with consistency.

The value of effort in training a person is essential. By instilling it, other primordial values ​​such as strength, patience, tolerance or generosity are transmitted. In addition, the mistaken idea that you can get everything without doing anything is discarded.

So how can we instill the value of effort in this complex society that claims the opposite?

-Do not do everything in the place of your children. Let them take their responsibilities, depending on their age, of course. If you start teaching them how to work for small tasks, they will be able to do them later for greater difficulties.

-Make model office. Sometimes, actions are better than words.

Help them set realistic goals.

-It is necessary to suffer a little. Do not bring up your children as if they were living on a cloud of cotton. Teaching them that suffering and frustration are part of life will make them more emotionally mature.

Help them overcome impatience.

-Dialogue with your children and explain to them the why of things. Your children will understand a lot about the value of the effort if you help them with your own words.

"Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of an intelligent effort" (John Ruskin)

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