Take the opportunity of your life!

Take the opportunity of your life!

Thinking about it, we always come back to mind an opportunity that was presented to us one day and that we chose not to grasp, considering that it could not bring us anything.

But with hindsight, we realize that we made the biggest mistake of our life by letting this chance pass. Are we right to think that? Or, on the contrary, did we do well not to seize this opportunity? But if so, why do we think about it?

As a general rule, when an opportunity presents itself to us, it is first invaded by excitement. But a feeling then seizes us, often much stronger than the first: fear.

In life, there are many things that make us feel good: friends, work, the city we live in …

All these elements that allow us to acquire insurance are part of what is called the comfort zone.

But this area can also prove to be a major obstacle, because we feel good and we refuse to leave, and sometimes we let slip the chance of our lives.

Take the example of a person who lives in the same city and has been working in the same advertising business for ten years.

One day, she is offered a position in one of the best companies in the advertising world, and she decides to refuse this offer. Why ? Because she does not want to leave her comfort zone (city, friends, etc.).

It would be the same for a girl who refuses a marriage proposal, invaded by her fear of change and the fact of having to maintain a stable and stable couple life.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

There are certain opportunities that occur only once in a lifetime. And to know how to seize them, you have to overcome the fear of the unknown and agree to get out of your comfort zone.

Admittedly, not all the opportunities seized are fruitful; changing jobs or getting married exposes you to certain risks and is not immune to the fact that things can go wrong.

But how can we be sure if we do not try? Is it better not to launch and regret all his life for not having done it? The answer to this question is not obvious, but in any case, it is always better to regret having done something rather than lament the fact of not having dared.

This philosophy can also be applied to a much more banal theme. Let's take another example: that of a boy or a girl who wants to make a new cut but who does not dare to cut his hair.

Indeed, in case the cut in question would not like it finally, it would take months for the hair to grow back and to find the initial haircut.

But what to do in these cases? To say that we have long envied the people who had this cup before doing it, and that whatever the result, we can say "I did it, I dared"?

All this can be summed up in one sentence: it is better to have remorse than regrets.

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