Stress and timidity reduce life time

Stress and timidity reduce life time

Stress seriously harms our health because it can cause physical and psychological problems, as well as premature aging.

Recent scientific surveys based on statistics have shown that shy, fearful or anxious people are the most likely to be in constant stress, which predisposes them to live shorter lives than extroverted or happy people.

The functions of the human body are managed by the brain, or central nervous system, but also depend on our mood.

Physical health and mental health are intimately linked. The production of the proteins necessary for the metabolic processes, the heart rate, the blood pressure, all that depends on our nervous system.

When one imposes prolonged psychological stress, it can cause multiple physical problems, but especially affect in a particularly severe way our immune system.

Our body reacts to stress through a defense mechanism called "fight-flight response". Without this answer, we would be unable to handle dangerous or threatening situations.
Our feelings are alerted by the nervous system, which changes the heart rate and respiration, increases muscle activity as well as the level of glucose in the blood, and decreases the response capacity of our immune system.

The adrenal glands produce hormones (glucocorticoids and adrenaline) responsible for diffusing this energy throughout the body.

When this fight-and-flight response is not activated for a few minutes (without causing any risk) and the following factors that influence our emotional state (problems at work, family, illness), the number of hormones produced by our body, whose action seems at first effective and pleasant, end up affecting our body continuously, and this because of the decrease of our defense capabilities.

Studies published by PNAS (Proceedings of the National Alcancemy of Sciences) show that our body can produce a high amount of stress hormones when we react to new situations by being shy or feeling unfounded fear.

For example, in cases where one finds oneself alone with strangers or that one is afraid of certain persons, certain objects or certain places even if they do not present any threatening appearance. This phenomenon is called "neophobia".

Children are the ones who are most concerned (and from an early age), and can even have this type of behavior until adulthood.

By accepting that the society in which we live and the hectic pace it imposes stresses us, we allow our body to produce more and more hormones, which speeds up the aging process and makes us sick more easily.

If throughout our life we ​​apprehend the unknown with fear and timidity, it will then cause a perpetual increase in the production of hormones, which will take about ten years to disappear.

Therefore, it is better to lead a life not only calm and quiet, but also full of determination, courage, and free from all anxiety. So, let's not be shy anymore!

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