Strategies for talking about sensitive topics

Strategies for talking about sensitive topics

Strategies for talking about sensitive topics

Sexuality, vital goals, feelings, relationships and friendships are some of the issues that often cause us problems when we want to talk about it.

The difficulty in treating each subject is different for each person, as it depends a lot on the personality and characteristics of each person. A subject that is not important to some is of excessive importance to others.

Prepare the conversation

There are certain things that must be taken into account before starting a sensitive conversation, so that we can better understand our motives and have stronger arguments.

The most important aspects to consider are feelings, beliefs and ideas. This process is often complicated, but it is necessary in order to have an easy and accurate conversation.

The questions that can help you better organize your ideas and arguments are:

What is the situation that generates a negative situation in me?
What feelings do I have at that moment?
How could I improve or change this situation?
What am I looking for, feeling good or feeling comfortable?
What am I looking for?
What consequences will this situation have on my future?
What are the best solutions?
If I saw another person in my situation, what would I recommend to him?

Here are some very difficult questions to answer and you will probably need some time to think about the answers. But once you go through this process, it will be easier for you to maintain a conversation about a sensitive topic that affects you.

During the conversation

If you are already ready for this conversation, the first thing to do is eliminate all possible distractions. This includes turning off cell phones, television, computer, etc.

When you feel ready, start by sharing your feelings. PArgue clearly and directly on what you feel and think. It is important that you express yourself totallythat you let your feelings glimpse (frustration, stress, sadness, etc.) but without trying to accuse and attack the other person.

You must be willing to listen continuously and attentively, in the same way as in your case.

General tips to consider.

Finally, while it may be a conversation that includes a sensitive topic for you, it is important to consider the other person's feelings.

Sometimes we make comments with which we try to defend ourselves, but they do harm to others and in no way help to solve the situation.

It is also very important to actively listen to the other person. This forces us to focus on what it tells us, instead of focusing on our point of view. A conversation of this type can help us define boundaries and goals more clearly.

The importance of talking about sensitive topics

Sensitive subjects can provoke insecurity, unhappiness, fear and put us in situations that we perceive as negative.

However, confronting conversations can help us take control of certain aspects of our lives.

But most importantly, talking about sensitive topics helps us to destroy our limits.

Courtesy of Carlos Magariños

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