Stop hurting others with your words

Stop hurting others with your words

Words have such a powerful power that, in addition to hurting the person to whom they are directed, remain etched in one's heart and soul, creating insecurity and weakening relationships.

Are you a person who communicates negatively? Stop the damage now and save your friendly, romantic or even professional relationships.

Human beings are social beings, which means that we communicate with different people throughout the day.This communication can take place in different situations, perspectives or moods, so it is not always easy to maintain a healthy mode of communication with the people around us.

We may not be very good at expressing our ideas and feelings, that we do not know how to communicate within a couple, or that we simply do not pay attention when interacting with others.

All these elements combine to transform us into undesirable people for our surroundings.

There are four very obvious types of miscommunication:

1. Criticism of others

It does not matter if we raise our voices when something happens that we do not like or touch us in one way or another.

However, problems arise when we spend our time recriminating and blaming those around us.These criticisms are meant to demonstrate the inferiority of the other, and usually begin with these words:

– "What you do is …"
– "You are… "
– "You should… "
– "It would be better if …"
– "Your family, your friends …"

2. Universal declarations

Any type of phrases or clichés that generalize people or their behaviors. For example :

– "You are always… "
– "You never do …"
– "You are so… "
– "You are always …"
– "This is not the first time …"

3. Negative attention to a person without taking into account the problem

Each situation that presents itself has two aspects that must be taken into account: the people involved and the problem created.

When we pay a negative attention to a person, and we show no interest in the real problem, we maintain a pessimistic mode of communication.

Example of miscommunication: "You never do anything, you're a lazy!"
Example of good communication: "I know you're very busy, but you could at least help me clean and tidy up your room."

4. Be insensitive to the feelings of others

We are sentient beings by nature. That is why,To invalidate or denigrate a person's feelings can turn into the fatal weapon that will end the relationship you have with them.

We stifle others' feelings when we do not recognize their emotions, we minimize them, ignore them or judge them in a negative way. For example :

– "What you think does not interest me".
– "What you feel makes me neither hot nor cold".
– "Do not be so dramatic."
– "Do not rejoice too much, you have not done anything exceptional".

Intelligence applied to communication

Although we are all self-sufficient beings who enjoy great abilities and qualities, we must always listen to others and be listened to. We must never forget that the way we act today determines our future. If we hurt the people who accompany us today, they will tire of our attitude, and seek to get away from us.

We are not advising you to lie or resign yourself, but to learn to be more positive and intelligent in your mode of communication.

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