Stimulate the creativity of your children

Stimulate the creativity of your children

Creativity is a form of personal expression that uses originality and imagination. Although we may tend to think that to be creative you must first be endowed with an innate talent, this statement is not always true becauseeach of us can be creative in a particular area.

Thus, creativity is not limited to arts such as music, drama, painting, dance or writing; it is a way of thinking and living that can be expressed in many other areas such as science, business or cooking.

How to stimulate children's creativity

It is important to know in which area your child is doing best and what his / her abilities are in order to stimulate his creative thinking and to make him practice the activities most adapted to this field.

Be a creative model for your childas much in your thinking as in your way of doing things. Be open minded, do not be afraid to do things differently, get out of the routine, and be spontaneous.
On the other hand, introduce the child to the area that interests you most and involve them to motivate them to develop their own creative interests.

Make sure he has time to let his creativity run free, because practicing a lot of activities can suppress the freedom to create your child.
Indeed, even if children need to be subject to certain rules, they need just as much time to give free rein to their imagination and spontaneity.

Be interested what your child is doing, and above all, let him know that he is doing it well, to give him confidence and allow him to go further.
But also tell him what his mistakes are so that he can find an alternative solution to the problems he may encounter. Do not forget to congratulate him for his creative and amazing ideas.

Let your child ask you questionsso that he can satisfy his curiosity and learn new things. If you can not answer some of his questions, do some research with him to find some answers, because it's important to get him involved.
Try to stimulate his imagination by giving him an active role, offer him games that will allow him to express his creative ideas.

Try to respect his ideas and be open-minded to encourage him to learn to do things differently.
Help him to take a critical look on the tasks that he does, in order to help him surpass himself, and encourage him to share his ideas with his classmates so that he can communicate his creative thinking.

Have new experiences, watch documentaries, or take outings in nature that will allow your child to see things for himself.

Teach him to be sure of himself and of his ideas, make sure that he is not subject to the mockery of his comrades by setting him viable and realistic goals that he can develop himself; thus, more time will pass, more efforts will be consequent.

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