Stephen Hawking: 21 reflections on life

Stephen Hawking: 21 reflections on life

Stephen Hawking. This man who allowed us to get closer to the stars.This man who theorized about twinkling, black holes and the origin of the universe. This man who discovered the singularities and gaps of space-time.

This man made us dream of an opportunity to travel through time through black holes. This man who changed our vision on the universe.This man whom we all admire but who we know so little has left us.

He was a man of science, a wise man of our time,a person with a character from whom a deep force and charisma emanated.He began to stand out from a very young age thanks to his brilliant mind and saw his life devastated by the diagnosis of a painful disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Against all odds, Stephen Hawking survived this illness and became an exception, in a special case. When, at age 21, during his stay in Oxford, he was diagnosed with this disease, he was not given more than two years to live. So, against all odds and for our greater luck,his brilliant body and mind continued to enlighten us for more than 50 years.

This fact no doubt made Stephen Hawking an even more admirable figure, a figure who leaves a legacy to the world, a legacy that goes far beyond the knowledge he has generated as a physicist, astrophysicist, cosmologist and scientific diviner.

Stephen Hawking's thought through his most famous phrases

We could ask ourselves a lot of questions thinking about Stephen Hawking. Thus, one of the most curious and interesting would be for example:"What does it feel like to think like him?"Of course, in reality, giving an answer to this question is impossible. On the other hand, we can do research and get closer to his moral principles, his thoughts on life, the world and the universe.

For this, we made a compilation of his most famous phrases – like an ultraviolet light to see the disappearance of a star – because we are convinced that giving a transcendence, a singularity and a distinction to the thoughts he shared with we will help to keep them in time. Here is the greatest tribute we can make to this figure, to this thinker and to this star that has gone.

  • "My message, here and now, is that black holes are not as black as they are portrayed, it's not the eternal prisons that have been described, things can come out of a black hole, our Universe and maybe in others.So, if you feel that you are in a black hole, do not lose hope: there is a way out.” 
  • ” This universe would not be much if it did not shelter the people we love.” 
  • "It does not matter how difficult life can be because you lose hope if you can not laugh at yourself and at life in general."
  • "We live in a universe governed by rational laws that we can discover and understand.Remember to always look up to the stars, not down to your feet. Try to understand what you see and what makes the universe exist. Be curious. "
  • "I'm not afraid of death but I'm in no hurry to die, there are so many things I want to do first."

  • "I noticed that even people who say that everything is predestined and that we can not change it look before crossing the street."
  • "Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change".
  • "I do not think we will survive another 1,000 years if we do not escape our fragile planet."
  • "To survive as a species, we must travel to the stars and today we embark on the next great advance of man in the cosmos."
  • "The next time you meet a climate change denouncer, tell him to take a trip to Venus – I'll pay the bill."
  • "Einstein was wrong when he said that" God does not play dice with the universe. "Taking into account black hole assumptions, not onlyGod is playing dice but he sometimes throws them where we can not see them. “
  • "Life would be tragic if it was not funny".
  • "The first enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge".
  • "The human race needs an intellectual challenge, it must be boring to be God and to have nothing to discover".

  • ” We are just an advanced race of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star, but we can understand the universe. It makes us very special. "
  • "Quiet and silent people have the strongest and most noisy minds."
  • "People who boast about their IQ are losers".
  • "People will not have time for you if you're still angry or complaining."
  • "Even though there was a cloud over my future, I discovered, to my great surprise, that I was enjoying life more than ever in the present."
  • "Of course, because of my disability, I need help, but I have always tried to overcome the limitations of my condition and to live the most complete life I have traveled. the Antarctic until the gravity ".

Finally, we would also like to highlight a phrase that Stephen once said: "Nothing can exist forever. "In the most transcendent sense, it may be complicated to understand that something is perpetuated forever, but if there is one thing clear, it is that its inheritance, whether intellectual or vital, will remain living for a very, very long time.

Note for the reader: readers are advised to watch "The Theory of Everything", which tells the story of Stephen Hawking from a different perspective. Moreover, it is interesting to get closer to his theories through books like "The universe in a nutshell "," The secret key of the universe "," Brief history of time "or through any other revealing production because they are based on a language adapted to people who do not have a great knowledge of astrophysics.

Stephen Hawking, the man of the stars

In the following article, we will tell you the story of Stephen Hawking, who is certainly the most famous living scientist of our time. Learn more
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