Sometimes, to live, we must ignore many people

Sometimes, to live, we must ignore many people

To be happy, we must know how to ignore many people. We must learn to live and stay deaf to actions, words or feelings that are meant to denigrate or annihilate us.

There are simply people who are conflicting and who torture us with their complaints, their judgments and their personal dramas.

This can be exhausting, overwhelming and highly toxic, as it affects our well-being and makes us question the validity of our actions.

This is why we must stop feeding these exchanges that pump us energy and darken our reality.

The first thing you have to learn is to ignore these types of people during the times when they hurt us.

Stay away from everything that gets away from you

Stay away from anything that hurts you, everything that obscures your life, everything that turns into disaster. Stay away from toxic people because your health will thank you. Do not let others destroy your world.

Emotional balance bows towards well-being and although suffering is inevitable and we must accept it, it is indispensable to know how to handle it with will. That is to say, we sometimes have to accept our demons and then consider them "less bad".

Remember that sometimes we have to unload our weights. The mind, like the body, must detoxify itself from free radicals, negative emotions, conflicting past, and people who destabilize them.


Let the suffering go

Saying goodbye to suffering can be a very complicated task but sometimes it is important to stop and restore our priorities.

This is why we must force ourselves to escape from these painful emotions, those that are unhealthy and that torment us and prevent us from moving forward.

It is important to know how to identify, express and value our emotions in a strategic way. Let's see this:

1. Express our feelings and emotions

As we often say, sometimes we do not need a brilliant spirit to speak to us but a patient heart to listen to us.

Our emotions are born to be lived, and to hold them by fear only confuses our reality. For example, if we accumulate sadness, we can facilitate the appearance of depression.

2. Analyze beliefs that lead to painful emotions

It is natural to be concerned about the work that we must do in studies for example, but we can not demonize our mistakes because in this case, we are only feeding our bad feelings. That is, there is no worse storm than that which forms in the head.

It's not the same thing to think "It's terrible that our child has left the house" and to believe"Even if we are sad that he is gone, it is normal that he did it". The first option promotes the onset of anxiety and depression.

This same reasoning could be applied to several emotions. In this way, we must fight to avoid shame, but not disappointment, to eliminate guilt but by remorse, to get rid of anger, but not nervousness.

3. Transform, release and purify these feelings and emotions

Analyzing our emotions and feelings is not enough. We must explore what is behind them. It's the only way to free us.

It may be inevitable that an unhealthy part remains in our emotions and thoughts, but we must realize that it is precisely this part that we must not feed.

Do not let those who brighten your world go

Do not let go of people who make your world beautiful, let go of those who darken it. Keep in your life everything that helps you and makes you a better person.

Suffering, enduring and sacrificing is not a goal as a human being and does not make you better. It only worries and reduces us. Surrounding oneself with negative people only obscures what shines in us.

Take care and enrich your life with relationships that encourage your well-being, and always do it sincerely, with respect.

Keep your door open for the right people and ignore everything that hurts you. Your health will thank you.

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