Sometimes leaving is the only solution

Sometimes leaving is the only solution

And one day, without you expecting it, I left.
Without a word, without warning, nor reproach.
Because, sometimes, staying is no longer possible.

The luz of Candela

Sometimes we would like to stay, we would give everything to have reasons to do it, but, however, we have no other solution but to leave.

Saying goodbye is a strong word that deeply hurts our soul. It's getting to a point of no return that angers us. So, we're getting tired of "see you soon", and put the ellipsis where there should be an end point.

It is said that it is a question of emotional health. In a way, if we want something to continue, we have to accept that things change.

By saying goodbye, our soul is scolding, but it is the only way to prevent pain, disillusion and disenchantment from entering.

In life, you have to choose before life does it for you

Today I'm leaving.
I can go from one moment to another.
I think you'll realize it's your fault.
I did not choose to leave, but I no longer have the strength to fight.
I decided it a while ago. I made my decision last night …

When the snake is forced to fall, it rubs two stones that squeeze, scratch and help it fall. He is suffering, but it helps him get rid of his old skin to enjoy a new one.

It's the end of one process and the beginning of another, even if that passage is painful. If we resist, the anxiety increases.

We must detach ourselves from what brings us nothing and what we no longer need, to leave room for what must be born.

He's curious to see how we get bare when it's cold. We accept to know the burning fire and the intense cold. In fact, we know what we need to do well before making the decision, even before we start thinking about it.

It is normal not to want to take the step, and resist. However, what is certain is that when we dare to say goodbye, we begin to build healthy and positive relationships, to no longer feel the emotional emptiness that is eating away at our entrails and to value the people who deserve their place in our lives. .

Letting go is letting go …

One must always know when a stage of life ends. If you persist in staying there longer than necessary, you lose the joy and the sense of rest.

The important thing is to be able to close these chapters and let go of the moments of life that are closing in on you.

We can not be in the present regretting the past, or even wondering why. What happened, is past, and you have to get away from it.

We can not be eternally children, late teenagers, or non-existent company employees.

The facts pass and we must let them go!

paulo Coelho

Imagine replacing those chains that hold you tight and keep you tied up by a helium balloon.

Let it fly awaywatch him go to heaven. You lose sight of it, smiling and feeling a great inner peace.

It is possible that by saying goodbye to it your heart will breakbut that's the only way to accommodate what is really worth it, or rather joy.

If you have the courage to say goodbye, you realize that it is actually a weight that flies away.

Maybe it will allow you to reach your ideal temperature, and no longer experience the intense cold or burning heat to which you were subjected.

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