Some tips to reduce stress

Some tips to reduce stress

Stress is one of our worst enemies. You may be stressed because you have too much to do or because you have too much free time, because all the extremes are never very good.

In both cases you need to find the tools to relax and achieve the stability needed to continue your daily activities.

Stress causes or accelerates the process of occurrence of certain diseases. It is therefore vital to achieve this stability.

There are several simple things that can help you control the harm that often takes control of your life.

Use a calendar

Nowadays it is very easy to get an interactive agenda. It is likely that you have a calendar on your phone where you can record your appointments and important activities.

If it is not the case, simply download one and install it. These calendars are great because they alert you 30 minutes before the start of your appointment (or whatever time you have scheduled).

This first step is one of the most important because stress is often the result of a lack of control. How many times did you start an activity in the morning, to finish it several hours later because in the meantime you started doing something else?

It's essential to write down everything you need to do, even the simplest things!

For example, you will avoid going home without shopping. If most of the time you know what you have to do, it will still prevent you from making decisions.

Take breaks to ventilate your mind

Most of us think that our productivity is measured by our hours of work. In reality, it is not so simple, and our concentration has its limits.

If you go over them, you will start by making some mistakes, and this may even affect your mood. To avoid this, do not hesitate to take 10 minutes breaks, every 50 minutes of work.

Try to focus on something else. If you can not solve a problem, leave it for a moment. It is certain that when you think of something else, the solution will come to you alone.

It is necessary to step back, so that your mind perceives things from another point of view.

Music is your best friend

If you use it properly, the music can help you. There are music that will help your mind to relax and escape, and others that will help you focus and focus.

Although there are music adapted for each specific moment, it is best to try several, because each body is different. Thus, the music that helps me relax the pressure accumulated in the day can help you in a completely different task.

Furthermore, if you want to listen to music while working, it's best to put it on, at least for starters, when performing routine daily tasks. Indeed, for complex tasks that require our full attention, the music acts rather like a distractor.

Finally, we all know the possible influence of music on our state of mind. Thus, you can listen to music so that it acts, directly or not, on your level of stress.

Do an activity you like

Now that you are organized, that you are free from your worries, and that music gives you support, it is necessary that you find a place between all your obligatory and unpleasant tasks, to an activity that you like.

Remember that your time is precious and for that you must not spoil it. The activities you enjoy give you a moment of respite and relief, and allow you to connect with others.

Sometimes stop improvising and get into an activity without knowing when you will finish it. Yes, it is you who have control, but that does not mean that you must become a machine repressing your desires or that you must be condemned to live a gridded and austere life.

Determine your "level of routine"

Make sure that reality meets your expectations so that you can feel the greatest sense of well-being possible.

There are people who feel very good in their routine, and others who do not. Get to know yourself and do not deprive yourself of establishing your level of routine so that you are the best you can.

It is not necessary that it catches you, nor that you feel in a temporal disorder capable of generating a huge vertigo.

In short, organizing or disorganizing your time in an intelligent way will reduce chronic stress, as will its fatal consequences.

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