Some books can tear us a tear and are worth it

Some books can tear us a tear and are worth it

Some books can tear us a tear, a sigh or a smile and it's really worth it.

Books whose linked pages tell a thousand stories of love, adventure, suspense, and feelings buried in poems that awaken our emotions.

A book builds us, and exposes us to hundreds of realities that we could never have imagined. Reading is more than just a pleasure that helps us to embrace our imagination and understand reality.

Reading a book allows us to feel a certain freedom, helps us manage our worries and overwhelms us as if we were fish in the sea and we knew every little corner of this immensity.

Crying, laughing and dreaming are worth it if the manager is a book. We can understand the beauty of the rainy evenings on the couch, feeling and living the mystery of an adventure that is not ours.

Of all the instruments of man, the most amazing is without a doubt the book. The others are extensions of his body. The microscope and the telescope are extensions of his sight; the phone an extension of his voice; we also have the plow and the sword, extension of his arm. But the book is something else: the book is an extension of his memory and imagination.

Jorge Luis Borges

The pleasures of the love of reading are infinite

Some feelings are quieted by reading the story of a big book. Each of our feelings and emotions can be calmed by reading, because it brings us closer to self-awareness.

Perhaps you have already identified yourself with certain words or characters in a novel? Perhaps you've already said something like, "it's exactly what I feel and what I think is so well written” .

Reading is a great source of inspiration and reflection. It feeds with incredible capacity new horizons and answers that we never thought.

Reading allows you to be what you want: a king, a seagull, a clown, a vagabond … It does not matter. Because thanks to words, we transform thousands of realities into feelings.

By reading good books, we put our thoughts, beliefs and feelings in order. Little by little, we unravel a spider's web that seemed to us completely knotted but which contains a great symmetry.

Reading allows us to smile, to overcome our worries, our ambitions, our reasonings and our emotions, to discover our intimacy and to overcome these barriers that we impose on ourselves.

Books fill our minds with wonderful references that give meaning to our lives, which conform our tastes and which favor the moments of pleasure and escape, far from the small worries of everyday life.

Books help you forget about your problems, free you from stress and worry, help you distance yourself, learn, shape your most creative thoughts, and reinforce you emotionally.

They can even help you find the answer to your problems or help you better deal with them.

Reading enhances our physical and emotional health, as reading helps us prevent the onset of certain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Reading also helps us to put ourselves in others' shoes and understand them, to work with empathy and emotional intelligence.

In addition to all these benefits to our health, reading a good book is a unique experience, a spectacular remedy that has no side effects.

A book has the ability to put words on our emotions, to show us what it is to be in love, to enrich our dreams and to save our lives.

Feeling pain is worth it if the person in charge is a book, because thanks to it, we will reign over our kingdom without ostentation.

Through reading, we can always learn without limits, take refuge and become aware of our thirst for knowledge and concern.

So, without realizing it, each page turned allows us to reach the best version of ourselves.

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