Slaves by day, tyrants by night

Slaves by day, tyrants by night

We are often day slaves and night tyrants.We ask for some understanding of our conditions, but we also push the system forward for them to reproduce. We saw the food burstlow cost,flightslow costand, now, the deliverymenlow costbegin to multiply in cities. These represent perhaps the greatest degradation of this slogan which says thatwhoever wants to work always ends up working.

We are the ones who buy these branded clothes made in countries that have working conditions that are even more precarious than ours.In this society, in the end, we are just turning this roulette wheel that drives us to waste, with all this anesthesia created by consumption, our most precious resource: time.Anesthesia which is at the same time necessary because, otherwise, we would poison ourselves with our own dissonance, with this difference between what we want to be and what we actually do.

We are day slaves and night tyrants. We complain about our conditions but praise those who impose them.

Survival, an illusion

Time to maintain a family we do not see, to pay for a trip we do not enjoy, to buy us a camera with which we will not photograph anything.Time slipping between our fingers like drops of frozen water.Drops that, little by little, erode our bones and shape wrinkles on our face.

We are slaves becausewe work in more than precarious conditions to earn money that allows us to survive. Our dreams only materialize very rarely.We are tyrants because we operate this same system. We call this restaurant to give us our meal at home, knowing that its employees work in miserable conditions. Why do we do it? Because food is cheaper, because it's faster. Because we have the feeling of enjoying more free time. Here is the illusion that transforms us into slaves and tyrants.

We accept a job while paying almost nothing.We realize that if we do not accept it, someone else will do it, and even for a little less money. Because there will always be other people who will need it. This indolence allows our survival and, at the same time, puts an end to our heartbeat. These are lost in the hours we spend behind a box, in front of a screen or in a truck, to watch all these cars that exceed us …

A personal revolution against a black hole created by the current inertia

A revolution is necessary.It does not matter if she's big or small … But she has to start with us. We must stop being day slaves and night tyrants. We must denounce precarious working conditions, give up the temptation to buy cheaper products. Because yes, the last of the chain always pays the price of this difference, do not forget it.

Let's put aside this illusion that tells us that eight hours of work are equal to three or four hours when everything goes at full speed.Fast food, fast sports, fast sleep … Why seek speed in a world that is already much too fast? Why do less sports in a world that is growing visibly? What is the point of all this technology if, in the end, we are just doing more work? Why make all these offers if, with this shopping cart full, we do not even feel the feeling of relief that gives us a ray of sunshine after a rainy day?

All this speed is an illusion created by the system. It tries to make us believe that we have enough free time and resources.But is this really the case? For those who think they have a living wage, ask yourself one thing: if you put thoseloworfast,Is your salary still worthy?

We work a lot of hours but do we really earn the equivalent in real time or in timefast ? Speed, without the slightest transcendent weight, goes away when a small current prevails. At this moment, we face the vertigo and we find ourselves in front of ourselves, all naked, without any clothing preventing contact with the air.We look at ourselves in the mirror and we feel like strangers. We are here and, at the same time, we are absent.Far from our body, people we love, who are in the living room and look at a screen, talking about a queen or people who want to separate from others …

We have many reasons to start a small revolution. A revolution that would allow us to be something other than day slaves and night tyrants.

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