Silence has a price

Silence has a price

Sometimes, silence can be interpreted as an affront. As the famous proverb says, "indifference is the best of contempt"; it would seem that silence is a strategy that can hurt and harm others if it is used to resolve conflicts.

There are times when"to shut up is also to lie". A lie is a lie, whether or not we are able to verbalize it.

As the saying goes, "silence is more rowdy than anything".
But it appears that the more one is silent, and the more one risks suffering. It is better to express what you feel and what you think, to have the choice between several solutions and thus be able to lighten some weights.

With time, we get used to carrying in us our silences and all the things we should have verbalized, until the day when the weight on our shoulders is too heavy, so it is too late to express all that we have preferred to ignore in the past.

We therefore start to keep quiet, several times, all the time or only in certain situations, but this time without making concessions; thus, the size and magnitude of silence do not remain fixed in time (whether past, present, or future).

The best thing to do is express with respect and care what you feel. One must be aware of the value and strength that words can have. Whether the silence is a noise or a tremor, it leaves anyway to predict a tragedy.

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