Shyness: towards the path of healing

Shyness: towards the path of healing

Shyness is not something that disappears overnight, because it takes time and especially a lot of training.

It is for this reason that the most judicious would be to start fighting his shyness right now. An improvement is only possible with training and confronting what provokes it.

Some tips for getting started

1. Make a list these situations in which your shyness comes out most, with above, situations that bother you the most. You will then need start working on the bottom situations, the ones that scare you the least. Once these are overcome, you can trace the list gradually.

How do I know if I am able to overcome my fears alone or if I need the help of a professional? You will discover it as soon as you start.

If your nervousness and negative thoughts take over and prevent you from facing your fears, it is because you need help.

These are the confrontations that will make you evolve. However, if it affects your health or, for whatever reason, you do not dare, healing is impossible.

It is on this point that the professional will have to work, to help you face your fears and to give you the necessary tools as well as relaxation techniques that will allow you to reach your goal.

If you recognize yourself in one of these statements, you probably need the help of a professional:
– You refuse to face situations that frighten you because you think there is no solution to your malaise,
– Your nervousness affects your health,
– You gave up,
– You strive to work on your timidity but time passes and you observe no change.

Remember if you do not act, it's not the simple time that will allow you to get change.

Changes are only possible through all the experiences we experience and shape us. If you do not face these experiences, you will not be able to move forward.

2. Train when you are alone. 
Take a magazine and read it aloud, in a safe tone. When you are ready, you will even play the game and film yourself as if you were in front of your audience.

These exercises allow your mind to train and get used to this confident attitude little by little. So, the day you have to apply it in society, you will have already had a workout!

3. Help yourself with positive thoughts to get started: think of three positive things about you. You will then be able to rethink in the moments when you will have to face embarrassing situations.

For example, you can give yourself courage by repeating yourself:

– Even if I'm scared, I can do it! I believe in myself !

– I have good qualities, I love the person I am and I accept myself as I am, no matter what happens today.

– All is well because I know that I am a person who is worth it. Hang in there ! Everything will be alright !

4. Love and self-esteem. There is evidence that love heals and helps change. People who are surrounded by love and who feel accepted have better self-esteem and their timidity is more easily overcome.

If even after years of trying to cope with these awkward situations you will not see any improvement, you may not be looking for the real problem.

Shyness is not the same in everyone, each case is unique. For some, shyness can lead to low self-esteem, an inferiority complex, while for others it represents a desire for perfectionism, etc.

Feelings of inferiority

The feeling of inferiority is a typical characteristic in shy people.This is an irrational thought since no one can be better or worse than another.

Even if sometimes this feeling is very strong, it is wrong! Some people just know how to highlight their qualities in public, while others are unable to do so because of this feeling of inferiority or simply out of shyness. Even worse, these people may not even be aware of their strengths …

All of us have good qualities, maybe you just have not discovered them yet! So from today, treat yourself as you deserve, appreciate the person you are.

To work on his shyness is a work of perseverance and courage. Never give up, even if everything does not always happen as one would like.

"Success is not about success, it's about being able to never give up"

Photo courtesy of Fávián Kristóf and Alba Soler

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