Shrek and loneliness, choice or obligation?

Shrek and loneliness, choice or obligation?

Living in community is something natural for the human being. To survive, first of all. To be able to defend animals, rival tribes and make it more efficient to obtain food. Cities and villages offered their inhabitants protection, a sense of belonging and security.The individuals chstill today seek the refuge offered by community life.

But what happens if someone thinks they are strong enough to defend themselves against impending dangers? Would not that person need to live in community? Would not she need friends? Wewill study in this article the effects of loneliness from the point of view of the filmShrek .

Shrek, the ogre who lives in a swamp

Shrek is an animated film released in 2001, produced by Dreamworks Animation StudiosThe main protagonist is an ogre living in a very remote marsh, in the middle of a forest. This character is completely satisfied with this situation. He loves the solitude of his home.

The precious loneliness of Shrekis however suddenly broken by the invasion of boring fairytale characters. They have all been banished from their kingdom by the evil Lord Farquaad.

The ogre, determined to save his house, makes an agreement with Farquaad.Shrek promises to save Princess Fiona if this prince re-enters the characters of fairy tales.Shrek must then embark on a very long and adventurous journey to find the girl, with a unique companion named Donkey. He must therefore face all kinds of dangers, but also at the end of his loneliness.

The benefits of loneliness

We tend to believe that loneliness is a personal failure. This notion is false.Loneliness is only a transitory state, which can be chosen voluntarily or not.Solitude, when chosen, born of decisions made by oneself.

Voluntary isolation often stems from the desire to be the engine of our own life. It is born from the desire to be authentic, without masks or costumes.The loneliness chosen can promote personal growth as well as the realization of projects and aspirations. Here are some of the benefits of the solitude chosen:

  • This allows you to focus your energy on personal projects. Loneliness allows us to focus on particular initiatives rather than wear out and try to please others.
  • No explanation as to acts or schedules is necessary. It involves cleaning and eating when we want it. To decorate the house to our taste and our preferences. To sleep when we wish it and to work where we want.
  • It allows us to think about our own actions and to reflect. It's hard to find a moment to meditate on what we do in a world full of distractions and waiting tasks. Loneliness contributes to personal growth by providing a space of introspection.
  • It strengthens individual independence. It makes each person responsible for herself. This means that we do not need to depend on anyone else. So that our well-being and happiness increases.

Love is also knocking on the door of solitaires

In the movie,the ogre must go in search of the beautiful princess Fiona, locked in a tower guarded by a dragon. The latter is delighted when Shrek and the Donkey manage to release the daughter of his formidable guardian. This happiness however dissipates quickly when Fiona discovers that his savior is an ogre and not a prince.

Shrek and Fiona discover that they have a lot in common when returning to Farquad Castle. They end up falling in love. But the princess has not yet revealed to anyone her secret. She also becomes an ogre every night because of a spell, even if she becomes human again at dawn.

The Donkey is the first to learn the secret of the princess. Fiona explains that she was bewitched when she was a child. thatonly a kiss of his true love will restore his original form. Shrek listens to part of the conversation between Donkey and Fiona and, due to a misinterpretation, feels betrayed.

Shrek does not have a high level of self-knowledge despite his years of loneliness. Although loneliness is conducive to introspection, it is clear that Shrek did not benefit. The film's protagonist had very little ability to define and express his needs and feelings.

So that Shrek returns to the swamp when Lord Farquaad takes Fiona to his castle. He is now free and lonely. That's whenhe feels bad for not having expressed what he felt for the princessalthough he thought she despised him. The swamp becomes a self-imposed prison. The same solitude that once made him happy makes him unhappy now.

The end of loneliness

Shrek quickly realizes thathe feels unhappy despite having recovered his private life. He needs the company of his loved ones: Fiona and the Donkey. The ogre nevertheless has low self-esteem. He does not feel worthy of anything or very little.

Shrek, like many people with low self-esteem, feels compelled to reject others. A bad self-image can make us feel unable to communicate with others. This seems to be the cause of Shrek's loneliness. His loneliness is ultimately a personal choice. His fear of suffering or being hurt by others led him to avoid approaching others.

In cases where loneliness occurs for similar reasons,the person must work to feel worthy of the company of others. We should choose freely to be away from others. Cella should not be motivated by fear. Shrek decided to spend time with Donkey and Fiona, the people he loved most, when he finally felt the ability to love others.

It is common to relate loneliness to negative emotions when felt as imposed. So that the sadness and the mood of the person get worse. However, we should not consider being alone as a bad thing. It would be so only in cases where it is not a chosen situation but something that stems from fear.

Therefore, do not be afraid to be alone. Take advantage of these moments to get to know you better and work on what you want. However,if you want to spend more time with others, get to work to get there. We are all ultimately worthy of being accepted by others.

Princess Fiona is her own heroine

Princess Fiona is an emblematic character of the Shrek saga. Courageous, he is trained for her the portrait of an unconventional heroine. Learn more
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