Sexual intelligence

Sexual intelligence

Being sexually intelligent and having a satisfying sex life does not depend on aspects such as physical appearance or extraordinary powers of seduction. We can all develop the skills needed to enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, much of our life revolves around sex and how to gain emotional stability in this area. However, in many cases, sexuality leads to frustration and dissatisfaction.

It should be emphasized that in various studies on the subject, sexual dissatisfaction is greater than 60%, for various reasons.

Of this total, in 50% of cases, sexual relations are perceived as painful and there are problems of erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, in more than 35% of cases.

The lack of sexual intelligence

It is important to emphasize thatthe absence of intelligent sexuality is mainly due to ignorance and prejudice related to popular myths or religious beliefs. Therefore, to remedy these weaknesses, it is necessary to obtain adequate and scientific information.

For example, the way orgasm is experienced is different in men and women. For men, it ends with ejaculation, while for women, it continues after finishing sex, with eroticism and caresses.

Many people do not really know their bodies and have no idea how he reacts to certain stimuli. At the same time, they experience blockages of modesty when it comes to discovering their own body.

Therefore, it is important to ask ourselves questions about what we like and what disturbs us during sex. This will allow the boundaries of erotic exploration and experimentation to become visible.

It is also important to increase the skills needed to communicate to our partner who we are and what we want.

Trust and good communication are the pillars of sexual intelligence in the couple. Only in this way can you reach common agreements and concerted experiences.

The practice of intelligent sexuality

Access to effective sexual intelligence involves the ability to connect with others. You have to be willing to deploy and interact with others.

It is important to talk about the personal sex life with your partner, to understand and expand our erotic world.

The most important organ of sexual intelligence is the brain. This is why it is important to be creative, to move away from imposed or overly traditional models and to denude bodies and feelings to benefit from each other.

In addition, sexual relations should not be transformed into power relationships.

It is possible to improve and make more dignified our sexual intelligenceas long as we are willing to learn, to seek our desires and fantasies, and to free ourselves from defects that limit us, such as distrust or guilt.

The satisfaction of intelligent sexuality is obtained from the elaboration of a manual created by the two members of the couple.

This need for emotional balance is only possible if it is treated with respect, responsibility and sensitivity.

The sexual relations of the past have been experienced in a negative way, but we must not be swayed by false beliefs. We must be careful not to confuse intelligent sexuality with a lack of expression space.

Sex is healthier and pleasant when there is love. And when we talk about love in sex, we're not just referring to the relationship. It also means self-love, love for life and love for the human race.

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