Sexual coercion: what is it and how can it be prevented?

Sexual coercion: what is it and how can it be prevented?

Sexual coercion is any type of behavior that is used to force another person's sexual will. This behavior develops along a continuum in which we can find different manifestations.Among the most revealing we find verbal pressure, the use of toxic substances or the use of force. Women are currently suffering from this coercion so much that it is considered essential to find a solution.

It is normal that, given the large number of deaths resulting from gender-based violence, we questioned the causes or origins of these behaviors.. There are many factors that can work together, including socio-cultural and personal factors. Culture, the environment, and learning patterns foster the existence of attitudes, gender norms, values, sexual patterns, etc. that appear to be at the root of sexual coercion.

Factors associated with sexual coercion towards women

Risk factors in men are found in the combination of hostile masculinity and certain variables related to motivation and sexual experience. But what do these terms really mean? We will explain each of them below:

  • The hostile masculinity : refers to the need for coercive men to control and dominate women.
  • Motivations and the sexual experience These concepts refer to the overconfidence of some men in their sexual abilities, the interest in sex without commitment and the desire to be always sexually active and effective.

According to the Malamuth confluence model, the convergence of these two characteristics is what leads men to engage in sexually coercive behaviors.

  • self-efficacy regarding sexual coercion Women who believe they will be able to resist such a situation are those who manage to prevent this unwanted sexual behavior most effectively.
  • Negative expectations for alcohol use
  • Assertive behavior against verbal pressure : This is the most important protective factor. It's about knowing how to express what we think is right or wrong. Assertive women are better able to avoid unwanted sexual behavior from men's attempts.

Sexual Coercion Prevention Program

The goal of any prevention program is to reduce risk factorshere, for both men and women,as well as to promote protective factors. In recent years, the Ministry of Education has launched a research project in which the following contents were delivered:

  • Consensus vs. non-consensual interactions The goal is to recognize and differentiate between the two types of interactions. We can for this purpose perform abrainstorming in which each one presents its definition of the sexual freedom or the possible means of limiting it.
  • Expectations and myths about sexual relations and sexual coercion It is about questioning the validity of these beliefs and becoming aware of how they can lead to coercion. Some of the most common myths that can be analyzed are: "girls often say yes even when they say no" or "a man's virility is measured through sexual intercourse".
  • Avoid risk situations The goal is to recognize the situations associated with sexual coercion or a high risk of experiencing it. To do this, it is possible to project a video and solve a few typical questions: "Do some of these comments seem macho?"
  • Assertiveness and communication training it is about being able to express what we want or not, as well as to negotiate or make agreements about our relationships.

Ultimately, inconnthe cause of the problem and some of the steps that can be taken to solve it, we are taking a step forward for the benefit of all women. Gender violence must be a priority issue in our society so that we can stop suffering from it.

Say no to gender violence!

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