Sex is not natural but cultural

Sex is not natural but cultural

How many times have we made the difference between "natural sex" and "non-natural sex"? These are definitions that have arisen because of the prejudices that have continued for years. At one time, relations were considered to have a reproductive purpose. It was then argued that it was natural for humans to have sex for pleasure.

However, the natural side of sex is not as we perceive it. We believe that this is synonymous with freedom when in reality it is not the case. Do you think you are free when you have sex? Do you believe that you have no limit? You are very far from reality. In sex, culture has more influence than we think.

In sex, culture has more influence than we think.

Sex is not natural but normal

When we refer to sex as something natural, we actually say that it is not a strange fact but rather a totally normal, valid and acceptable action. That is to say, we see it as natural. However, the word "natural" refers to nature. This is what Valérie Tasso, writer and sexologist, said at one of his many conferences.

Sex is natural in animals. They are not influenced by any culture, they are not born and are not educated by following certain beliefs. On the other hand, this is what happens in humans. Our conception of relationships with other people and our own vision of the world would not be the same if we were born in another country. Thus, it is important to highlight some points that Valérie Tasso put forward about this vision of sex and which are very interesting:

  • Sex is a value for us, it does not bring us closer to the animal side but to the human side: for example, when a person thinks about his "first time" and wonders if he is ready or not. We have values ​​that condition us in our minds.
  • Morality is not universalbecause if it were the case we would all have the same sexual practices: Japanese, Arab, American … We are all different in sex because the customs and norms are not the same in all the places of the world.

"Sex is natural in octopuses."

-Tasso- Valérie

On the other hand, we are celly who think that sex brings us closer to the animal side. That is why prejudices arise, people repress themselves and worry about what is good or bad, what is right or wrong, what is "natural" or what is not. Who determines this? Culture, without a doubt.

Sex within the culture

Sex is a cultural act. It's like going to an exhibition or visiting a museum. We learn everything from an early age. You do not have sex in broad daylight in the middle of a park even if you feel like it, right? You book well these moments of pleasure in more intimate places? You do that because we have always been taught how to have sex.

Nevertheless, this is also a problem. Consider when you are traveling to another country and where you are facing difficult cultural shocks. The same thing happens with relationships. The history of each place is different and, therefore, its inhabitants are different too. In some places, for example in Japan, men are said to be very cold. On the other hand, we speak of Latinos as being filled with a great passion. There are great differences that are based on the culture that permeates every territory in the world. And this enriches us as human beings.

"Sexuality is never something natural that has been given to us from a biological point of view, if we call it" natural "because we rely on certain historical and cultural parameters."

-Elena Martinez Navarro-

Otherwise, everything related to sex is fundamentally related to religious beliefs. Even if you consider yourself agnostic or atheist, the place where you are born follows a Judaeo-Christian, Shintoist or other tradition. This is impregnated in the culture that conditions us. The one that makes us see in a definite way our relationships and our way of living them.

You thought that sexuality was something natural? Did you consider that your way of seeing and living it was free and removed from all influence? Do you say that finally, sex is like going to the theater; you may go once with one person, another time with another, with two … You may even see a ballet or a theatrical work. However, everything inside is influenced by the outside.

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