Self-deprecation: the best therapy to face your problems

Self-deprecation: the best therapy to face your problems

Often, when a problem arises and thatthere is no solution, our first reaction is to annoy us to the whole world and to make it to pay to our entourage.

Faced with an unforeseen change in our organization, it is normal to have such a reaction. But, in the long run, the only thing to do is accept this new situation or problem with some optimism.

By being optimistic, one can face all kinds of adversities, and one feels better about oneself. Want to know how to achieve it? Start by demonstratingself-mockery. Read the rest of this article, and you will discover all its benefits.

Your problems will be less important

If you do not know how to solve your problem, then what's the point wasting energy and saliva to annoy you and scream?

When something you did not expect happens, start by calming yourself down. Then, analyze the problem and try to find a solution. If you get there, so much the better, and if you can not, try to laugh about it!

In this way, later, it will be for you more thana simple anecdote that will make you laughand then you will realize that the problem in question was not that bad.

You will feel better about yourself

Recently, the specialists evoke a lot the gelotherapy (or laugh therapy) and its benefits. It allows you to not only see things with a positive eye, but also release endorphins, one of the most effective happiness hormones when it comes to feeling good about yourself.

If, when a problem arises, you come to recognize it as positive, then you will see life differently and, contrary to what you might have thought, you will find a solution more easily.

You will have a better self-esteem

Yes when it comes to dealing with adversity, all you can do is get upset or let yourself downSo you will not get away with it, that's for sure.There is no point in attacking the whole world.

If you laugh at your problems, it's because they do not affect you, or you can confront them with a smile. Self-deprecation helps to cope with adversity and to show that ultimately, the little problems of life do not reach you. And you will succeed all the more in coping with it with a little humor.

Your friends will thank you

People are more or less "selfish" by nature, so they do not always want to listen to others' problems.

Obviously, your friends will always be there to help and advise youbut if you abuse your pessimism and just talk about your worries, certainly after a while people will get tired of listening to you bitch.

That is why as soon as a problem arises, it is necessary to try to tell it to the others with a note of comic and in a good mood!

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