Seduction is an art!

Seduction is an art!

Seduction is often associated with something deceptive and sometimes even unhealthy.

However, the seduction is sometimes unconscious and involuntary, and almost always with the purpose of a mutual sentimental benefit. So, to love someone is to be seduced by this person.

To improve your power of seduction against others, it is essential to know what to do and why you do itwhat are the expressions that bother you and which ones do not work?

The key places to seduce

In his book "The Art of Love", the Latin poet Ovid was already showing some tracks on how to meet his beloved and how to get his love.

He recommends us to seduce in places conducive to seduction, such as parties, theaters, celebrations, banquets, the New Year, etc.

Ovid and Kamasutra, classics of seduction, give us some recommendations for how to get the interest of the other:

– Offer valuable gifts (sentimental or material),

 Never contradict the other during the first appointments,

– Get physically closer to each other or dance with,

– If possible, organize an upcoming meeting so that the other person is aware in advance of your interest in him / her.

Seduction is not just for flirting!

We must seduceto arouse the interest of others, to arouse curiosities, to make people want to make themselves known, to make others feel good in our company, to seek us, to love us …

Seduction is not just about finding a sexual partner or someone stable, it's about maintaining interest.

Nobody works the same way and we all change over time. In addition, it is very pleasant to discover little by little what is still unknown in a person.

But then … Seduce, what is it?

To seduce is to arouse someone's interest and turn it into desire, it's oto get someone to notice you positively and with a touch of curiosity.

It is about settling permanently in the imagination of the other, so that his desire to know you grows a little more at every moment. It is about fueling desire, creating the illusion of something possible and accessible.

And the physical … Is it necessary to be beautiful or beautiful?

Of course not. In reality, there are certain people who, on the pretext that they have an advantageous physique, do not work on any other aspect of their personality; thus putting them at their disadvantage.

It's about highlighting your qualities and hiding your flaws, while accepting them. However, you only have one opportunity to give a first impression.

Thus, one must take care of one's personal hygiene, be lively and healthy-looking, and make some small changes if necessary.

Of course you must not change the person you are, but you can put into practice some tips that you would have revealed, while keeping your personality. It's not about copying others, but about being the best version of yourself.

And body language?

It may be that a photo of a person attracts you. However, it is only his bodily expression and the dynamics of his body that causes you an interest or a total disinterest.

All of this is related to the world of the unconscious, and each of us is attracted by concrete patterns of behavior.It will therefore be necessary to pay attention to impulsivity and passive attitudes.

What happens if we are pushed back?

Sometimes the person opposite may not be very receptive or the circumstances may not be entirely adequate.

Maybe your abilities are not as developed as you thought. You may have set goals too high and you did not get it right.

We must be aware of his mistakes so as not to repeat them. You need more practice.

In contrast to simplistic views of men and women, Anderson (1968) argues that people who "succeed" in love would share some basic characteristicsfar from the myth of the bad boy who makes all women fall.

According to him, these people are sincere, honest, understanding, loyal and trustworthy, while the least esteemed are liars, petty, false, cruel and dishonest.


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