Routine or dislike?

Routine or dislike?

Times change and bring with them new hopes and new crises, marked by a new imprint: the disenchantment. A disenchantment that is part of the daily life of the social landscape and is often confused with one of the factors that is the cause: the routine.

Many people are affected by this disturbing phenomenon. What is going on ? What is this "collective madness"? Has love really become more fragile? Perhaps the psychological sources have been lost to cope with the difficulties that have always existed in the couple or perhaps it is "only" the routine, which ends up damaging the relationship from within, taking control of the couple's life.

"Normal" love crises

Couple life often goes through a number of particularly critical points. It is a crisis of growth, relationship and maturation of the couple. We could say that it is the measles that, once defeated, reinforces the link.

These "normal" crises, once resolved, indicate a stronger bond, a deeper understanding of the other person. Above all, they aim to be able to adequately manage the character and psychology of the couple, seeking reciprocal reconciliation.

Some of these crises end badly because they produce or report distances that the couple does not know or does not want to fill. In this way, they can end dramatically. The good news is that these purposes can be avoided by identifying the most important needs for both of you at that time.

"Normal" crises, when overcome, indicate the realization of a stronger bond, a deeper knowledge of the other person.

The routine: deadly disease of a relationship

When the couple goes into routine, into monotony, life becomes tasteless, uniform, boring and meaningless. If you suffer, it is because you do not have the incentives that are so necessary within the couple. These incentives ensure that the shared experience is lived and projected in the future with a good dose of enthusiasm and passion.

We can not breathe, in this life together, imagination, grace, small goals, reciprocal gratification and shared plans. It's the way to get away from the routine. What is remarkable here is that there are no major problems, what is missing are the resources to avoid routine, the tedious and gray fall of days that end up all alike.

When you enter a routine, life becomes long, endless, exhausting, tiring, unbearable, uninteresting, indifferent. His prognosis shows a moderate pessimism if the appropriate means to avoid sinking and rupture are not put in place with some urgency.

When the couple enters into routine, into monotony, life becomes tasteless, uniform, boring and meaningless. The necessary elements to make it interesting are missing.

How do you know if it's routine or disenchanted?

When the couple enters the routine, the life of each one is affected in a significant way. It's not that you're no longer attracted to your partner, it's just that the couple is no longer attractive to you. As a result, your life is unsatisfactory because you spend most of your time with your loved one.

There is a feeling of boredom and emptiness. When you see your partner, you always feel "butterflies in the belly", but at the same time do not think you have enough strength to continue. If you start with different activities as a couple, you will find meaning and passion, improving your mood.

When there is disenchantment, we do not feel this feeling of boredom or emptiness. The feeling is more like a disappointment, than there is no turning back. It's as if something that has always been there suddenly disappears without a trace. You may even experience sadness and compassion for the other person.

Love is the rewarding feeling par excellence. It captivates positively and is accompanied by a strong attraction, a tendency to be and share life. Disappointment is the opposite. It is not rewarding and it takes us away from the person we love. When there is disenchantment, there is no commitment or desire to share life with that person.

"When there is a lack of love, we do not feel that bored or empty feeling is more like a disappointment, a belief that there is no turning back."

If there is a disenchantment, the only way out is to to break up. There is no turning back, no matter how hard we try. Lack of love can signal the end of a stage and you have to accept it.However, when the routine appears, there are still possible solutions. The routine can be overcome, not the disenchantment.

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