Resilience, success and recognition, an indispensable virtuous circle

Resilience, success and recognition, an indispensable virtuous circle

According to Positive Psychology, resilience is the ability to adapt to difficult situations, to remove knowledge and to overcome these situations.

How is resilience linked to success? How important are our explanations and reactions to our successes?

Commitment, merit, help and luck

People who trust them tend to see their success as the result of their efforts and commitment. They have no problem admitting the help of outsiders and accept this participation so that the goal is achieved.

This recognition is a key element when we have to think resiliently. When we admit that our intervention can bring us to success, we gain confidence and plan better for future goals, because we see them more easily as possibilities close to our realities. current.

As a result, we are better prepared to manage and learn from our mistakes and other hardships, and we are also convinced of our potential to surpass them and keep moving forward.

On the contrary, when we consider that success is due to luck, we lose all confidence in ourselves, because luck is linked to chance and not to continuous effort.

Beyond a certain amount of luck, continuity in success is linked to our faith in our ability to take advantage of certain situations. Accepting ourselves to be responsible for our successes, is a way of being able to accept then the negative effects that our errors can generate.

Accept satisfaction

Stopping for a moment to take advantage of this success, instead of going immediately to something else, is much more useful and necessary than it may seem.

Reflection exercise

Take a pencil and paper, and describe three significant success stories that have occurred for you over the past 2 years.

– Before starting this activity, did you feel able to do it well?

– Once you achieve your goal, how do you explain what happened?

– When you read your three descriptions, do you find any similarities in the way you explain each of them?

– How did you react in each case?

– Do you think it could be related to the way your parents or other important adults in your childhood conceived of success? This question invites you to think about how people who have been for you referents, perceived the notion of success, and how it could have influenced you and can explain your current conduct.

Reinforce what makes us feel comfortable

Practicing activities related to our interests and strengths also helps us to feel confident about our successes. This is beneficial to our psycho-physical health and reinforces our sense of ownership and control over our successes.

A resilient attitude means daring, when necessary, to do things sometimes far from your strengths, be patient and persevere.

Many people are so focused on their faults and fears that they forget almost all the activities that gave them well-being.

But it is precisely when we face complex situations that we must maintain a certain balance and take time for activities that refresh the feeling of power, pleasure, joy that occurs when we succeed.

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