Repress your emotions can make you sick

Repress your emotions can make you sick

We all know people who "keep" everything and rarely show their emotions, and we may do it too. The problem is thatwhen we do not express our negative emotions, resentment and malaise accumulate, and our health suffers.

Our moods have a direct influence on our physical state. So,understanding how to manage our emotions when we are seriously ill can provide us with a sense of inner stability that gives us greater chances of healing.

What are the effects of emotions on the body?

We can identify many unhealthy emotions: excessive joy, anger, fear, anxiety, melancholy, sadness, and authoritarianism. Over time, the extremes contained in these emotions cause havoc in our bodies.

If a person is experiencing internal conflict, being too preoccupied or in an emotional situation that they can not resolve, some bodies may start to malfunction.

– Excessive anger can damage the liver.
– Excessive fear can damage the kidneys and bladder.
– Excess of joy, like hyper excitation, can damage the heart and the small intestine.
– Excess of sadness can damage the lungs.
– An excess of anxiety can damage the stomach, pancreas and spleen.
– Excessive authority and dominance over others can lead to imbalances in the large intestine.

Relationship between organs and emotions

As we just explained,if one of our main organs is weakened, we will tend to produce the emotions that are related to this organ.For example, if your spleen suffers from a problem, it is likely to become more and more sad.

People who are alcoholic or addicted to certain drugs that have a liver in poor health generally become angry. People with weak kidneys are often shy, nervous, or timid.

We are all subject to emotional extremes because life exposes us to a wide range of intense emotions.People die and leave us overwhelmed by sadness. The behavior of others annoys us, and some situations sometimes scare us.

What can we do ?

When it comes to controlling our emotions, there are certain activities that can be very useful when it comes to relaxing our body and mind,like the practice of meditation, breathing exercises, tai chi and yoga for example.

Acupuncture can also be effective in restoring calm in the storm of our emotions. Flower essences (available in health food stores) and homeopathy are two excellent remedies that will help you change your rigid and blocked internal patterns.

Changes do not happen overnight, but with time and effort, you can become a much quieter person, and as a result, you will notice that your health will get better and better. Emotions and negative thoughts activate stress and suppress the immune system.

Positive thoughts, on the contrary, "extinguish" stress and stimulate immune defenses.Learning to understand and dominate your emotions and thoughts will allow you to better control your own life, and your health will thank you.

Of course, if you feel that a particular situation turns sour and you can not face it alone, do not miss the opportunity to consult a private psychotherapist who will help you and guide you appropriately .

Finally,Do you notice that some of the emotions you feel are causing you health problems? Why do not you try to change something? Why not look for activities that help you find serenity and inner peace?

Remember that you will enjoy the benefits of a change in your life; you have nothing to lose, and potentially, a lot to gain.

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