Recognize and face your fears

Recognize and face your fears

The fear leads to suffering and other negative emotions in the person who suffers from it, which is why she should be avoided as it is a source of stress, worry and negativity.
That's why it's very important to recognize and heal your fears, so that they allow you to release not only repressed energy but also anxiety and tension, so that fear has less power. on you.

What is fear?

Fear is an inevitable part of the human condition, because all people, at one point in their lives, have felt this feeling. But you have to understand that fear is a future-based supposition and exists only in the minds of people.
That is to say, it is an exaggerated and unpleasant emotion that is associated with a feared hypothesis, related to the future, and which is deduced from something that has occurred in the past, causing emotional and physical discomfort.
Fear is an illusion created by the mind over the future, in other words a vicious circle of anticipation, which is constantly looking for something to fear.
When you experience fear, one of the circles disappears and another one appears and tracks you.
Indeed, fear is strong enough and quite capable of manipulating a situation with only a little bit of emotional energy that arises from anticipated fear.

How to overcome one's fears?

To overcome your fears, you must approach them and use them to motivate you.

Address your fears

First, you must recognize that you are afraid of how your emotions, behaviors and habits, and life in general, affect your thoughts.
Make a list of the things that worry you the most, make you anxious, and end up causing fear so that you can see how your fears are affecting you.
Do not let unidentified fears in you, evacuate them and examine them in detail, to confront your fears and identify where they come from. Let them know that you control them, not the other way around.

Turn your fears to your advantage

To worry about something bad that you do not even know if it's going to happen means you want something to happen. So you have to use fear so that the situation turns to the opposite side, and to get the desired result.
That is, instead of allowing a fear to dominate you, you must find small ways to oust and dominate it.
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