Psychological solutions to disconnect from work and have fun

Psychological solutions to disconnect from work and have fun

It happens without us noticing. Work is starting to become the focus of our concerns. And then, it becomes practically the only thing that occupies our mind, our time and our emotions. We discover then that we are not able to disconnect from work and have fun.

It's as if we were trapped in a web of which there is no escape. We would like to rest, spend more time on other things, but it becomes impossible. Disconnecting from work makes us guilty and anxious.

Little by little, almost imperceptibly, the idea is born in us that something is still to be finished and that as long as we have not done it, we can not be at peace. It's a trap. Ongoing things still exist. The truth is that this feeling prevents us from disconnecting. We fear, irrationally, that all forgetfulness will lead to our dismissal. What to do in such cases? Here are five ideas that can help you.

"The most productive work is the one that comes out of the hands of a happy man."

-Victor Pauchet-

Mandatory pleasant activities

The first thing to do is to make us realize that living so does not bring us anything good. We neglect the people we love and all the time we maintain a latent anxiety. Our life is very limited and we do not really feel joy of life.

A good idea to disconnect from work is to make a list of things that we liked to do before. There should not be less than 20 activities. The goal is to do at least one of these activities every day, on a mandatory basis. Whatever happens, we must reach this daily goal.

Savor and perceive, a way to disconnect from work

Sometimes, the best way to disconnect from work and therefore reconnect with life is to start with a better use of our senses.. We have surely forgotten to look at many things, to taste others and to perceive this huge world around us.

Let's start by focusing on what we eat. Feel the aroma, the texture of what you eat. Let's do the same with the music we listen to, the landscapes or works of art we contemplate, the smells we perceive, and so on. Let's start rediscovering ourselves when we remember that we have five senses to capture the world.

Technological disconnect

For many people, disconnecting from the technology is almost shocking. It is impossible for them to live without a mobile phone or checking their email. They are really worried about what might happen when they are disconnected from their devices. They think they are going to miss something very important.

It is essential to turn off the phone or computer to disconnect from work. As difficult as it sounds, it's not that bad when it comes to doing it. You would be surprised at how relaxing this can be. If anyone thinks he can not do it at all, he should at least try to limit the time he spends on his cell phone or the Internet.

A new hobby

Some people think that when they disconnect from work, they will fall into an unbearable void. That terrifies them. We have come to a point where there are two realities: on the one hand, there is work. On the other hand, nothing or, in any case, the unpredictable, the chaotic or the irrelevant.

Nothing better in such cases than to develop a new hobby. This activity becomes another reality. This prevents you from feeling that feeling of emptiness that comes when you are trying to get away from your job tasks. And over time, it will certainly become one of the defining spaces for you to feel that life is more than just a job.

Relaxation techniques

Practicing one of the relaxation techniques always helps. Finally, when you are unable to disconnect from work, it is because you are in a state of high stress. This stress feeds alone. That's why it's important to stop and stabilize your emotions and body at a normal pace.

There are many effective and interesting relaxation techniques: yoga, meditation, sophrology, etc. If you find that too demanding at first, try giving yourself a little time each day to breathe. About 15 minutes a day is enough. Take this as a habit and do not give it up.

Learning to disconnect from work, without feeling guilty or anxious, is fundamental to our physical and emotional health. Free time is a valuable asset that should never be wasted. Life is multi-faceted and if we focus on one of them, we will deprive ourselves of great wonders.

The need to disconnect our body

People often use the term "disconnect" to refer to the need to chase stress.
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