Problems and opportunities

Problems and opportunities

In our life, we tend to be nostalgic for a happiness that we have, in fact, never experienced. We are nostalgic for a life without any problem, without pain, without contradiction, in which there would be only victories, peaceful days and laughter that resonate in eternity.
From time to time, we realize that, if we really lived these moments, it was only during moments, during transient episodes of our existence.
This vision of perfect life leads us to anticipate any problem that may arise in our life. Moreover, the word "problem" has a very negative connotation in our mind, which is why we try to avoid it as soon as it comes to the horizon. But, do the problems of our existence bring us only the negative?


You certainly remember your arithmetic classes. Your schoolmaster often gave you a type of exercises to do, which was called "problems". You have not forgotten these wacky calculations to know what time would be filled a bath of 20 liters, if the tap was flowing at such speed, etc. If you applied the logic that you had been taught, the answer came naturally. It's the same in everyday life.

Whether we like it or not, we learn through our problems. Not our problems of arithmetic, but those which occur in our life, of the type: "I still want to sleep, I do not want to get up but I am obliged to do it!".

Conflicts occur throughout our days, the smallest and the largest that we have just mentioned, and this continues throughout our existence. It is not, as in mathematics, to apply a formula ready to get out of it, but to choose the best possible path according to our abilities.

There is no magic formula, that's why each problem contains an implicit learning process. We are not the same before and after resolving a conflict because we had to confront ourselves to find the solution.

Problems force us to ask ourselves what we really want, and what direction we want to take in our life. Far from being negative things, problems are teachers of our existence, who invite us to learn.


The problem is the exact point on which the pressures of several opposing forces are exerted. You can see it as disturbing, or you can take an open perspective and think that it allows you to see a contradiction you did not realize.

Your perspective may be to obscure or repress the problem, thinking to eliminate it. But, it will not be long before reappearing in your life, bringing more serious consequences.

The real problem may not be the conflict situation itself, but simply the way it is perceived and dealt with. Some of us manage to turn things around, and make a problem a success.

This is particularly the case of Demosthenes, one of the greatest speakers of ancient Greece, who had language problems when he was a child, and who worked until exhaustion to achieve perfect mastery of art oratory.

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