Positive attitude

Positive attitude

Psychologists often say that happiness depends on oneself. But this claim is disputed, because there are people who think that certain circumstances do not depend on ourselves, and that they can affect our mood.

Certainly, many external events can sometimes hurt our morale, but our minds deal with all things that happen to us, and the meaning we give to these things depends only on ourselves.

It's a great chance we have here!
To illustrate our point, here is an example of a situation in a store.

A lady found a jacket in one of the store's shelves, and it was the last remaining model. She showed it to her husband, proud to have found the light brown jacket she had been searching for so long. This jacket was made of a quality fabric, its color went with everything, it was the size of the lady, and its price was decent.
The lady was very happy, and you could read the happiness on her face. She showed her joy to her husband, who approved with complicity.

But this complicity and luck dissipated in a second when, when the lady decided to buy it, she noticed a small task on the lapel of the jacket. She began to repeat "Oh no, what a pity, I'm really out of luck, it's not possible!"

She quickly changed mood, so that it could have been thought bipolar; she went from a positive attitude to a totally negative behavior, convinced that the task would never go away. She then rushed to the cashier to ask the saleswoman if there were other jackets of this model in the store. The saleswoman replied that it was the only one left, which did not fail to disappoint even more the lady.

– Are you sure? she insisted.

– Yes ma'am, it's the last one.

– But it is stained, and even if I buy it and I wash it, it will not go away …

Although the thoughts of the lady were negative, the saleswoman was able to find the right words by showing positivism and optimism, and thus toppling the situation.

– But ma'am, maybe this task will go to the wash!

A wave of optimism flooded the space, and a mentality of thinking that things can go well and that we must keep hope, then invaded the lady.

In life, we must reason in this way, because our ability to manage the situations of everyday life depends on how we approach life; and, fortunately, we have the power to choose.

Remember that you have a choice between a positive attitude and a negative attitude.
By adopting the first, you will have more opportunities to mature, to find solutions, to act … while the second will not allow you to move forward, and will lead you to whine on the smallest detail that will go wrong.

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