Personality type C: main features

Personality type C: main features

The personality type C is defined according to its two main characteristics: lack of negative expression and the need for harmony. We also speak of "personality subject to cancer".

The interest of demonstrating the influence of psychological aspects in the appearance and development of cancer has given rise to numerous studies. The majority of them are related to stress and personality characteristics. The work of Morris and Greer allowed us to speak for the first time of this personality.

"Type C subjects" would be emotionally content with stress, especially with respect to anger. These would be subjects who would show an inadequate suppression or negative emotional expression (aggressiveness, anger, rage, etc.). Other points have also been discovered over time. They allowed to complete this profile.

Personality type C, in comparison with the personalities of type A and B

The type A behavioral profile would correspond to competitive individuals with an overload of social competition. Their adaptive strategies make them aggressive individuals who struggle for success and tend to occupy leading positions.

These people do not tolerate passivity. They fulfill their schedule of various activities. This term refers to a personality type associated with high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmias and myocardial infarction.

On the contrary, individuals with Type B behavior patterns are generally serene, confident, relaxed and open to even the most unpleasant emotions. This approach is associated with a better emotional balance. This justifies the fact that many people consider him the most healthy type of personality.

Finally, the type C personality is a cooperative personality, complacent, conformist, perfectionist and hardworking. She avoids conflict at all costs and seeks harmony. They are people who are defensive and do not express negative emotions. Inhibition, emotional suppression and self-aggression are usually their strategies of confrontation.

Type C personality is a set of attitudes and behaviors that are conducted in stressful situations. They manifest themselves in unconventional attitudes and extreme cooperation. But also by a style of passive interaction and a great control of negative emotions.

What is the relationship between type C personality and cancer?

Some cancer-related information has expanded this type C personality study data. We present them by following:

  • In 80% of cancer cases, the onset or development of the disease is conditioned by habits of consumption, such as smoking or diet. Controlling risky habits and adopting healthy lifestyles can save many lives.
  • Psycho-neuroimmunology studies have revealed the influence of stress and emotions in the prognosis of the disease and in the survival of patients diagnosed with cancer.
  • People with very high negative emotional inhibition are more likely to suffer from a type of neoplasia.

For this reason, psychological factors such as type C personality may have a direct or indirect influence on the development of cancer. For this reason, identifying the personality characteristics of people who suffer from cancer will allow us to know and predict their coping strategies.

This provides a role for psychology: it must identify certain personality styles. On the other hand, she must also provide solutions to develop a more autonomous style of behavior with healthier pipe diagrams.

Thus, these discoveries can help us develop primary prevention strategies. On the one hand, for healthy people by decreasing the risk that they develop this type of disease. And on the other hand, for people who have already developed and are undergoing treatment.

It is therefore important to recognize the value of psycho-oncology. Indeed, constant counseling and emotional relief to the patient will help to avoid confusion. It will also rule out the lack of acceptance and other psychological alterations.

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