Personal revelations: advantages and problems of communication

Personal revelations: advantages and problems of communication

What do we do when we meet someone?We use personal revelations to break the ice and start a fluid conversation. In other words, we provide free information about ourselves. Nobody asks us anything personal. However, we use this strategy to try to establish a connection with the other person.

Personal revelations are considered strategies because theyare an important part of our social skills.Some people use them less than others. Their use is often beneficial. However, they can cause problems when they are used excessively.

Personal revelations when we meet someone

How do we identify personal revelations? It is very simple. Whenever we express an opinion, express our desires, or speak of ourselves, we use personal revelations. Theyso are a way to make us known. A strategy to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere and, sometimes, try to match with each other. For example, we are on the right track to create a connection, when we give an opinion and the other person agrees with us.

"Whenever we tell someone where we live, what we do, or what we love, we use personal revelations to connect with the other person."

To give information about ourselves is very pleasant. This creates a climate of trust and invites the other person to speak for themselves. It is normal in these circumstances that there is an interest and that questions arise.

Personal revelations are very useful because we know no one better than we know ourselves. Personal revelations are a good start to starting a conversation if we have weak social skills.Giving personal information always attracts. This raises curiosity and invites others to want to know us better.

However, nWe sometimes make some mistakes when we use this tool. We often do not know why we did not please someone or why the relationship did not develop. This type of situation can reveal a problem of personal revelations.

The problems of personal revelations

Although personal revelations seem to be a great way to start conversations and meet new people, they can sometimes be detrimental to us.We will expose below some of the errors that can generate tense situations.

Project a false image

All information we transmit about ourselves is "good information". We are not talking about our shortcomings, deficiencies or weaknesses. We can project a false image that can make us lose all credibility if we transmit this type of information.

It may come to mind a situation where we thought that aanother person thought himself better than others or presented himself as someone perfect.She certainly exaggerated by talking about herself or focusing too much on the positive.

Exceed by giving information

Some people like people who are honest with them, who open up, even if they do not know each other very well. Others, on the other hand, are uncomfortable with certain types of information. That's why we have to be careful until we know who we are interacting with.

"Being too explicit can lead to feelings of rejection in the other person if we do not know them, and we do not know if they have certain beliefs or taboos about what we explain in so much detail."

For example,giving too much detail by telling something or expressing feelings accurately can generate some rejection if trust does not exist. We must therefore be very attentive to the nonverbal communication of those who are in front of us. This will allow us to know whether or not we should keep things for ourselves.

Keep in mind that being airtight and providing no information about us does not promote the building of new relationships. The same is true if we exaggerate the information and pass it on as if we were talking to someone we know well (without that being the case). These two extremes are very negative. Thesuccess personal revelations therefore lie in the equilibrium.

It is very likely that most of us have made mistakes through personal revelations. It's normal.It is difficult to distinguish what information to convey immediately, or to guess whether the other person will feel bad about what we are saying.However, we learn it from experience.

The most important thing is to be aware of the automatic use we make of this social skill. To be aware that personal revelations reinforce the links with our knowledge. They help us to build relationships with strangers.The magic is in balance.

Knowing people who are worth it is a success that I want to enjoy

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