Perfectionism does not bring happiness into our life

Perfectionism does not bring happiness into our life

” To insist on perfection is like trying to run in the sea or swimming in the desert” .

With this quote from an anonymous author, we can fully affirm that we, human beings, can not achieve perfection in all areas.

As a person,we have our faults and our virtues that make us different from others. This is ultimately, "our personality" with which we will live until the day we die.

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist and do you think it causes you stress and a lot of worries? In this article, we will analyze the causes and attitudes to adopt to simply live life as it comes.

Yes to perfection, but not to perfectionism

It is normal that, for example, as part of our work, we always wanted to achieve perfection in order to give a much more serious and professional impression.

However, if we extrapolate this to the simplest and most humane aspects of our lives, we will only get more concerns than normal.

We have no other choice to live with certain aspects of our life that we do not like, and to accept a certain degree of optimism.

Avoid suffering

Everyone aspires to be happy in his life but with perfectionism we will get the opposite. We are not gods with a magic wand with which we can change the world according to our desires.

Therefore, it seems very important not to obsess about always doing everything perfectly because very often it will be impossible to achieve this perfection.

In most cases, being a perfectionist only causes low self-esteem, because it is impossible for the person to get the required level, and therefore potentially perfectionism leads to a chain of negative thoughts.

Know your limits and set personal goals

To stop being a perfectionist, we must realize that the most complete and total perfection can not be attained. Then you have to learn how toknow each other well so that everyone knows what their strengths and weaknesses are.

In the same way, it is impossible to take everything into account and to always please others. Therefore, always try to put limits on people, give priority to those who really deserve it, and from time to time think only of yourself.

In this way, rest assured that you will reach happiness much more easily to finally enjoy life, and the wonderful moments it offers.

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