Overcoming obstacles to grow

Overcoming obstacles to grow

The dove protests against the wind,

without realizing that it is he who allows him to fly

Johann W. Goethe

To grow and progress in life, obstacles must be overcome. Circumstances and time sometimes play to our disadvantage and we are forced to submit to challenges that blur and expand our limits.

However, if something good is hard to reach and you can reach it, then you become aware of your abilities, which can be great.

And you want more, even higher, further, more dizziness, butterflies in the stomach, and adrenaline. You always want more, because the life at the top looks magical and wonderful.

And what is only the simple way to reach a goal, then turns into a way of life, an obsession that focuses on the finish line, without taking the time to savor the different stages that lead up to she and the miles of sacrifices and efforts that channel the most agitated dreams.

Finally, all this causes the underestimation of what you have accomplished, because there are still more difficult things to accomplish. Success and the only possible outcome.

Being nonconformist and surpassing yourself can only be positive, until these demands are like a glass that never fills up despite every possible effort and until the summit becomes well less attractive because the disadvantages are interposed in the assessment of success.

Is it then impossible to be maverick and happy?

Continually waiting for things to be different does not help to become aware of what is going on today, nor to appreciate it.

We then enter a mechanic in which we are only looking for change, without taking the time to observe what life brings us.

We do not allow the effects of dissatisfaction to rest, making us believe that we will feel that way as long as we have not climbed a few meters higher.

But this is not true. To get everything does not make you happier. It is better to accept what you have and learn how to take advantage of it.

We convince ourselves that happiness will come after obstacles, but life is obstacles, and happiness is the way, the path that leads us to it, and not the result.

So, the only thing to do is change your attitude and perspective about your vision of life. If you are down, you still have a lot to overcome, of course. But if you wring your mind thinking about what's left, your interest will not go further than the next day.

One day you will look back and you will savor your successes. But you will not remember the bad passes, the strength you've gained throughout the process, or whatever you've had to escape to get there. You will not think about it because you will already be thinking about the next step.

Your life will be a succession of goals to be achieved and you will be too preoccupied to know what your next personal requirement will be.

Open and be ambitious! Look for and show the best of you, but remember that emptiness does not fill with trophies, but with attempts, acts, emotions, falls, and personal satisfaction.

Put yourself to the test, but do not give up your life while waiting for the ideal circumstances, because they will never be perfect.

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