Overcome your anxiety with positive emotions!

Overcome your anxiety with positive emotions!

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you had to live forever"Mahatma Gandhi

When something important is about to happen (or when it is hoped to happen), anxiety often tries to point the tip of one's nose, more or less intensely.

How to slow down this sensation? With positive thoughts, of course! Do not let anxiety affect your daily life, continue to enjoy life and especially the present moment, because as the name suggests, it is a real gift of life.

Anxiety, this desire to travel in the future

If there was a time machine that would allow us to teleport and know the next day, what would be more relaxed!

However, it is also true that we would not benefit from anything because what counts even more than reaching a goal in itself is the road traveled to get there.

Imagine any objective (get married, be graduated, the birth of a child): for example the destination of your holidays.

No sooner are you in the mode of transportation of your choice to get there (make a proposal, start school, get pregnant) that you already want to put a foot on the beach or be in the mountains!

What happens when you fly, train or drive? We want the journey to pass as quickly as possible (especially if it counts in hours)! However, the trip is also part of the holidays.

Thus, the organization of the marriage, the revisions for an examination, or the evolution of a baby in the belly of a mother are nice moments which it is necessary to benefit, because after, they will not proceed more in the same way .

Of course, you can remarry, do other studies or have a second child, but it will never be the same.

If we learn to dominate anxiety, all trips would be beautiful, fun and we would enjoy it to the fullest. When we are anxious or nervous, it means that we have an "excess" of desire in relation to the future, because we think that the present moment is not important, and that it is just a passage leading to this other destiny that is expected.

In reality, happiness disappears from the moment you make the choice not to take advantage of the present moment.

I will be happy when I get married, when I graduate, when the baby is born. Why not be happy now, while you're doing the guest list, reading your classes, or going to an ultrasound?

Anxiety is an unconscious mechanism that we use to prepare ourselves for something that may pose a threat.

This means that we believe that what is happening today is not what we are looking for, unlike what will happen tomorrow. Excess anxiety can turn into chronic pathology, or make us become anxious permanently, for everything.

To bite your nails, to smoke too much, to dive in the food, to be unable to sleep, to have concentration problems at work or at school, not to pay attention to what others tell us, a hair loss, dark circles, or tachycardia, are all symptoms that reveal an anxiety problem.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reveals that in 2020, anxiety, depression and stress will be the three essential factors in understanding how a disease has developed.

Just below are cardiovascular problems in terms of frequency and risk. However, the majority of them have a good chance of developing because of these three states.

Remember that in themselves, they are not negative. The problem arises when they become very intense or when they persist in time.

The doctors say that all the anxieties are not bad, just know how to regulate the dose.

Conversely, a low level of anxiety can be negative because it prevents you from maintaining interest in what you are doing and having a vision for the future. You are unable to plan anything and have no goals.

So, how to manage your stress level? First, understanding that sooner or later, the future will point the tip of his nose. Then, remembering that what you are doing today will help you for tomorrow. Finally, enjoy every moment of the present moment.

Remember that nothing and no one will be able to give you the time you have lost. So what is the point of thinking about tomorrow if you do not even enjoy the moment?

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