Our way of thinking affects our morale

Our way of thinking affects our morale

Our way of thinking determines our emotions. As we think, we feel. It is not the events of life that make us feel good, or badly, it is the inner interpretation that we have of it, that makes us see life in pink, or in black.
Different people can see the same success in totally different ways. For example, imagine that someone has a chain and a pendant with a strong sentimental value. She will want to keep it close to her throughout life.
But one day a thief snatches his bag, gives him a black eye and steals his precious medallion. We will see what happens if this misadventure happens to three people who see life differently.

The first case: a person 100% negative

This person sees only the negative in the situations that happen to him. She does not succeed in detaching her mind from this terrible flight of her precious medallion, and suffers terribly from her swollen eye …
Her thoughts are totally negative, and she is unable to see an ounce of positive in what has happened to her. She thought that if she had taken another street, where she had made other choices, none of this would have happened.
His thoughts are absolutely black, and his emotions are extremely negative. She feels an excess of sadness, total helplessness, and may even have anxiety attacks.

The second case: a person 60% negative, and 40% positive

This second example depicts a person who also has a negative tendency. It makes sense that if something bad happens to us, our thoughts are negative. But, unlike the previous case, this person is not that negative, and has a more positive personality.She does not dive into extreme ill-being.
This person comes to think that, even if she lost something very precious to her and is now wearing a black eye, it could have been a lot worse if she had been stolen or other things, but the fact that she is in good health reassures her somewhat.
It does not focus only on a catastrophic view of the situation, as was the case of the first example. Logically, she does not feel very well, but she will recover more easily than in our first case.
We've all wondered, "How's this person doing to support what's happening to him?
In reality, these people simply have more opportunities to cope with adversity during their lives, through their focus on things, their optimistic outlook and the hope for a better future. They focus on the small things in life, on their first needs.

The third case: the person with the positive spirit

In this case, we take the example of an absolutely positive person, who is happy every day to live. But, this person has only 70% of positive thoughts, against 30% of negative ones.
She feels sad to have lost her locket, suffers from the blow she received, but is happy to be alive.
She is one of those people who accept the bad things of life, and she is already very happy that she has only been punched, and nothing more serious.
As she suffers, she is relieved to be alive. These people forget the negative, and live life to the fullest. What matters in the balance of their thoughts is the joy of being alive. Their emotions are so much more positive than in the previous examples.
It all depends on how we think we have. We can be seriously affected by this type of event, or not.
All things have nuances, it is good to learn that they are not always white, or black.
Some problems can not be seen favorably, and this theory is certainly difficult to apply. But there is always a small light in the darkest darkness.
There is always something we can hang on to see things better.Everything is in our minds, we have control over how we feel. Try to find your nature quiet and positive, and even if it's difficult, put that philosophy into practice.
It is well worthwhile to improve the quality of your emotions and to have the power to control them. And this is only possible through deep reflection and perseverance.
Pictures of Scott Maxwell and Yanning Van de Wouwer
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