Our grandparents are the emotional heroes of our past

Our grandparents are the emotional heroes of our past

Of all the corners of the world, there are always some that we prefer. No matter how much you travel and where you are, there are no bad times to return. You know who these "home-people" are.

The homemakers have the smell of love, unconditional acceptance, tenderness, and long hugs that make you close your eyes and make you smile.

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Thus, a person-home represents the best mirror in which to look at each day: it will always reflect the most real and authentic version of yourself. It represents the light at the bottom of the tunnel, the support on your way, and the shoulder on which you rest to cry.

Our grandparents are these unforgettable, unique and irreplaceable people. We are delighted with the memories we have with them, their hugs, and the knowing look of two people who know they are made to love each other.

They represent the sweet home, the warm chestnuts, the respect, the new games, the magic tricks, the pride and the satisfaction, the wet land of a summer storm, and the hot chocolate in the winter. They represent childhood and fulfillment.

Their emotional imprint is imbued in us in the most basic moments of life, in the value of respect, in maturity, gentleness, tenderness and protection.

We slowly carved out their wise looks, the depth of their words and teachings, the unfinished games, the emotional challenges, the kisses that heal all the wounds and the bar of chocolate at tea time.

Memories of an infinite love

Imagine that life is like playing the wolf.

Well, grandparents are home.

Adaptation of Elvira Sastre

Grandparents make the life of an exceptional childthey symbolize all those things for which it is worth hugging and feeling the warmth of loving arms that will always welcome us.

They are the greatest healers of knee boils, a breath that anesthetizes, and a hug that puts us back on our feet.

Thanks to them, we learn without rules, with calm. They educate us with serenity of age and satisfaction to come.

From our first moments of life, they become our most faithful friends, our playmates and our most beautiful smiles.

During the best years of our lives, we share with them our enemies, hiding our little game to parents who have the duty to avoid excessive consent.

Deepen our roots …

One of the most satisfying experiences of a lifetime is being grandson / daughter or grandparent.
Donald A. Norberg

The grandparents are wonderful because they listen to us and show real interest in what we tell them.

Moreover, as is often said, perfect love sometimes only happens when you meet your grandson / daughter.

A grandparent is a person who has a silver coat and a heart of gold. Her emotional richness tinged our story with warm colors, indelible traces, charisma and love.

The grandparents have shown us that there are no barriers to love and that the path of tenderness is immense.

The grandparents are simply old children, magicians who recreate wonderful worlds, disguised diversion, transgression of rules, the best toy in the world.

Our grandparents are one of the most beautiful treasures of life. Thus, it is important to be true to our roots and never forget what their existence and participation in our lives are.

If you've had the chance to share moments with them, enjoy every wink of their memories and find yourself in the values ​​they've taught you.

Give greater importance to respect, love and tenderness, rather than ephemeral and banal.

If it is now your turn to become a grandparent, make sure that your grandchildren remember you with tenderness.

Never forget them, keep them alive and present in your daily life. Let the voice of experience and genuine reasoning in you.

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