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Our friends the cats!

The time spent with a cat is never lost.
Sigmund Freud

This sentence of the father of psychoanalysis tells us something that most of us already knew.

However, sometimes something that is not so everyday – such as spending time with our cat – can turn out to be as therapeutic as it is comforting.

Here is an example in Japan. In this country, cats are admired and completely respected because they are the symbol of luck.

The Japanese have become the pioneers in the matter ofchatothГЁquesВ "В, institutions where everything turns completely around an animal, today present in the whole world.

The Japanese were also the first to create a "bar" B "cats, opened in 1998 in Tawain. What purpose ? It's very simple.

Japan is a very industrialized and labor-oriented country. Their working days are very intense and it is common that the population suffers from stress and other lack of emotional needs.

Caring for a small cat is an act that is important. It regulates stress, improves cardiovascular health by soothing your mind, and offers a sincere possibility of expressing tenderness and being carried away by one of the most charming animals that the human being never domesticated (or maybe the opposite, I do not know).

So let's deepen this feminine psychology by trying to understand a little better what these animals can bring us.

Their beauty attracts you but their personality captivates you

The cat, unlike the dog, does not belong to anyone other than himself. Moreover, we are captivated by their art, their domination, their charm. A love that does not create dependence but absolute happiness.

In reality, one could write whole textbooks on the psychology feline. Although the first thing that one says about them is that they are erotic and independent, it is not quite true.

The cat will love us, respect us and defend us as his own family. These animals are possessive as to their spaces, their routines and also respect their masters.

However, they know very well how to maintain a distance, so as not to suffocate or hang on completely from us.

They enjoy being groomed and almost adulthood. They seek daily caresses but sometimes arrive at a limit where they prefer to be detached to emphasize their elegance and their independence.

Their bright eyes or their therapeutic and soothing purr can catch our attention, Вbut what we love above all else is their personality.

Cats say

We live in a world marked by sometimes useless priorities, which take us away from what is really important: the light of the sun, the tranquility, ourselves, those we love …

We surround ourselves with artifices, often small problems, we accumulate things and lose sight of what really matters: the life, the experiences, the emotions …

For cats, the world is going on. The life is posed, it is measured by moments of rest in the sun, by evenings V near us on the sofa, and by excursions to find their limits, to learn or to pierce this who surround them. They are learned creatures who open their eyes to the world like windows filled with light and hope.

It is sometimes said that cats know about yoga. They can spend long hours to meditate in front of a window or near their bowl of water.

What truths do their senses perceive? What realities are we escaping from, humans?

They pass from the immobility of their own world to action in just a few seconds. They pass from the dimension of reflection to the dimension of the action so fast that they always amaze us.

And the most endearing thing is that every time they do something, they do it with all their senses, not five senses, but six.

Indeed, their intuition, and their ability to appease us when we need it most, is undoubtedly a virtue that only they possess.

It's not just crazy people who have cats …

Who said that there were only fools who had a hundred cats at home? Cats are learned and serene creatures that make life more beautiful, simpler and more intense for anyone who lives with an animal of this personality.

They are perfect for children or elderly people. Cats are faithful companions at your quiet evenings and excellent comrades who will teach you day after day.

Cats are absolute individuals, with their own ideas about everything, including the people they own.
John Dingman
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