Order and disorder

Order and disorder

Many people like their interior to be subject to logical storage, that is, things must be classified by size or color, each object must have its place, and if something is not stored where it is necessary, it can then cause emotional or physical discomfort (in the most extreme cases).

At the other extreme are disordered people, those for whom order and order are not considered useful. However, that does not mean that these people live in filth, even if it is often implicit.

These people do not put away because they do not have the time or not the desire, or simply because they consider that there is better to do than to arrange their affairs methodically (which is often the case of artists and bohemian people).

On the other hand, these two realities do not exist, since certain intermediate concepts are to be made explicit, having generated problems and other confusions throughout the modern human life.

What is order?

The notion of order does not follow a particular pattern, and there is no formula to say whether a room is really tidy or not.

Order is something that has a well-established functioning, and that implies that everything has a place, determined by an intelligent individual.

We can thus suppose that, if on a shelf books are not arranged in alphabetical order but in order of preference of their possessor, these books are not in disorder, but arranged differently in the two cases.

How many people say they are disordered, but still manage to navigate their disorder?

On the contrary, how many people say they are orderly and meticulously organized, but they are not able to get their hands on certain things at home?

In fact, there is a variant of the disorder called "orthodox disorder" or "orderly disorder" ": there is disorder, but despite this, we find his business quickly, and without much difficulty.If a third person" tidy up ", we do not find it anymore.

The notion of order varies from person to person and it is not because things are not classified by color or if books are not stored in the library that one can speak of disorder; it's just a different order.

In the same way, it is not because everything is subject to a very precise system of storage that one can speak of order.

We are all different, and our priorities and our ways of looking at life are not necessarily the same as those of others.

Therefore, if a mode of operation suits us, that does not mean that this same mode of operation will suit others. We must tolerate and respect those who have a different way of "getting organized".

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