Opposites attract: myth or reality?

Opposites attract: myth or reality?

Singles in search of their "half-hearted" sometimes feel deeply attracted to people who are completely different from them.At first, it may be that this difference of character and personality seduces them, because the unknown always attracts curiosity. But are these relationships destined for success?

Despite the popular saying "opposing poles attract", it seems that in practice these relations do not work as the collective imagination would like.

These "differences" which, at the beginning, capture all our attention and which we consider as traits that complete and enrich our personality, are transformed over time intoproblems that limit understanding within the couple and eventually cause a break.

A methodical person can live with a chaotic and poorly organized person, or an outgoing person can get along well with someone who is more introverted.

On the other hand, some scientific studies have shown that couples formed by two individuals with similar tastes are more likely to stay together longer.

What are we looking for at our partner?

There is no mathematical or magic formula that guarantees the longevity of a relationship. The factors that influence a breakup or make a couple walk are numerous.

Psychologists agree that physical attraction is the first signal we receive when we meet someone who could potentially become our partner.

To this must be added the psychological traits and personal experience that condition us when choosing the person with whom we want to share our life.

The experiences we accumulate in the love field also influence the choice of our partner.With age, the preferences and characteristics we seek in others change.

The priorities of a teenager are not the same as those of a thirty-something, for example.

People looking for a partner with a personality similar to theirs are actually looking for someone who complements them. This type of relationship is usually very solid.

The couple shares the same values, which is why people face life in a similar way. In general, they have less difficulty in putting themselves in the other's shoes and in resolving the crises that sometimes break out in a couple.

However, people who are looking for a partner with a personality opposed to theirs feel the need to discover a way of life different from theirs, through their partner.

Differences enrich, but what appears attractive and moving in the beginning can break a relationship with time.

Therefore, as the experts recognize,it would seem that torque relations involving opposite poles do not produce the same effect as magnetic fields. They repel more than they attract.

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