Open Letter to Love Lovers

Open Letter to Love Lovers

Loveit is the most wonderful of the forces of the Universe. Not because of its power, but because of its origin. Not because of his strength, but his energy.

Love is the quest for the well-being and happiness of the other, led by the well-being and happiness experienced by one who expresses and manifests his Love.

We can not speak of Love when what we are looking for is the only well-being of the "little Self", of the "closed self", of the Self that lives only for itself.

Love is also the quest for assertiveness in the well-being of others. It allows two people to share the same well-being, the same happiness, the same joy. It translates into dedication and surrender, merging with the other, and giving the other the freedom to express themselves and live as they wish.

But it is also important to love yourself. Self-love must be the master, the measure, the reflection, the condition of the love of the other.

To love yourself and love each other, those are two different things. It is only by experiencing Love that we can give ourselves the chance to experience the greatest of happiness, and happiness is the most direct and sure way to Love.
For if it is obvious that one can not offer or give something that one does not have or that one misses, one can not share a happiness that one lives alone.

Love is a gift, an invitation to share our happiness with others … without expecting anything in return. We do not have to wait for anything in return, when we are in harmony with ourselves and we swim in happiness.

But when we love, we must also be open to others: give the best of ourselves, every moment. Love transforms. Without haste, at his own pace, but he transforms. It has an impact on everything around it, because it carries within it the most mysterious force that the Universe contains, and that we also contain within ourselves.

Dare to experience Love. Dare to try to make the other happy. Feel the sensations of others when, in your opinion, they are moving away from Love, or at least from what you receive as such. Anyone who experiences Love can intensify it and manifest it, quite selflessly, and without waiting for the other to change.

It is only a question of living beyond all, for it is here that the Universe and Life are tinged with light, color and fullness. Do not just love each other, especially love the love you wear to the one you love. So your deepest love can blend into the other's.

Love is not confined to appearance and goes beyond what is visible; he sees the invisible and has something eternal. Whenever you have a problem with someone or the impression that someone is less loving you or not loving you anymore, think about that person, and feel that awesome focus of Love that will radiate your chest. reach each other.

Feel connected to this person through Love. Be aware that this irradiation is a current that goes and comes again and again. Love is an intermediate space that is established between two people. Each one manages his energy and his space, and Love is multiplied. Love is not a concept, it's a way of life; Love is not a question of ideas or words, it is a question of experience, experiences, concrete and daily actions.

It is in the visible gesture, the one you make, that you express Love.

It is in the invisible gesture, the one you do not do, that Love is absent.

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