On the road to Madison

On the road to Madison

The old dreams were the good ones. They had not come true, but I was delighted to have had them.

– I do not want to need you.

– Why ?

– Because I can not have you.

Francesa Johnson leads a quiet life on a farm with her husband and children. While her family goes to a fair, Francesca stays home alone.

One day, she receives the unexpected visit of Robert Kincaid, a photographer from National Geographic who visits the county of Madison, Iowa, for professional reasons, and who must photograph the old bridges in the area.

Love and mutual admiration are quick to awaken the passion hidden in their hearts.

The work of Clint Eastwood ("Pale Rider, the solitary rider", "White hunter, black heart") surprised the audience.

The actor and director, born in San Francisco used to offer the public a very good action cinema, whether as an interpreter, with the "Trilogy of the dollar" as the main reference ("For a handful of dollars "," Death had a price "," The good, the bad and the ugly ") or with the titles he himself directed as" The Man of the High Plains "," Bird "and" Without sorry ".

But in 1995 Eastwood decides to change cinematographic genre.He exchanged his revolver for a bouquet of flowers and an extraordinary smile, and hand in hand with the incredible Meryl Streep, he made the leap.

The narrative thread that embellishes the film is more than interesting because it is, and will always be, relevant. The main character is a married woman, good wife, good mother and affectionate, but who leads an innocuous life, without surprises.

One day she meets a man so attractive and interesting that doubt arises: Is it worth it to betray her husband's trust for a moment of sweet reverie?

We have all known, throughout our lives, situations in which our strength of will has been put to the test. It is inevitable that we sometimes feel attracted to other people, whether for their personality, their physique, etc.

If, as is the case with the main character, we lead a boring life, without colors, our ability to see our weariness reflected in the other will be greater.

It may be that we see in the other man, or in the other woman, all that we wish to be or have. The main detonator is insecurity and boredom.

There are of course other factors like "the other person", our usual partner. If we feel abandoned or devalued, it is normal that sooner or later we look for what we want, Recognition, outside of our relationship.

On the contrary, if our wife or girlfriend, or our husband or boyfriend, treats us as we love and think we deserve to be treated, looking for something else can be the fruit of our selfishness.

This is something that is born from our innate ability to never be satisfied with what we have, as good and good as it is.

Are we bad people if we succumb to deception? We all make mistakes of all kinds. What is worrying is if we repeat this type of action, because rompering repeatedly means that we are lying and betraying ourselves.

We must also think that if we would not like our partner to be unfaithful, why should we do what we hate in others? Would we then be hypocrites?

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