Offering yourself the pleasure of being yourself

Offering yourself the pleasure of being yourself

How to grow?

A king went for a walk in his garden and realized that his trees, shrubs and flowers were slowly dying.

The Oak told him that he was dying to be as tall as the Pine. Arriving in front of the Pine, he found him lying on the ground because he could not give grapes like the Vine. The Vine was fading on seeing that it could not bloom like the Rose. The rose bush was crying because it could not be as big and solid as oak. Then he found a plant, a strawberry plant, in full bloom and fresher than ever.

The king asked him:How is it that you push so well and that you are so beautiful in the middle of this faded and gloomy garden?

I do not know. Maybe because I always knew that your will, when you planted me, was to have strawberries. If you had wanted a Oak or a Rose, you would have planted them.
It was then that I said to myself: "I will do my best to be the most beautiful strawberry".

It's now up to you to play. You are here to offer your perfume. You just have to look at yourself.

You can not be someone else. You have the choice, you can flourish and bloom thanks to the love you have for yourself, or you can let yourself die in your own sorrow …

Jorge Bucay

 The best of oneself

As said Albert EinsteinEveryone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on his ability to climb a tree, he will think all his life that he is stupid.”

Who are you really?

Since childhood, we have been taught to judge ourselves about our qualities and the opinions of those around us. But it is not by constantly comparing ourselves to others that we will really get to know each other.

For this we have to face a mirror and observe ourselves carefully to discover the wholepotential hidden behind our fears and habits.
To be perpetually in the comparison has never been the solution to keep a good self-esteem, and it can even give us a false image of ourselves.

Comparisons can also have a positive effect by allowing us to see that there are different ways of thinking, acting and feeling.

It's not about being like the others, about being successful, about being good or about making others laugh, but about using our best qualities, and putting them at the service of our talent and originality .

Nobody really looks like us. We're all different. No one has gone through the same experiences as us, and no one has experienced them the same way.Every person has his story.

When we compare ourselves, we compare different things, taking into account only certain characteristics or traits of character. That's why it's important to be able to be yourself.

Each of us has many characteristics, some of us make life easier, others can sometimes complicate it,but it is all these combined characteristics that make us unique.

This does not mean that we should not try to change some of the negative aspects of our personality, but we must not forget that the real changes come from self-acceptance and not rejection.

Learning to value ourselves, to love ourselves and to accept ourselves, is the job of a lifetime, and good doses of motivation and perseverance are needed to walk this long way.

Self-knowledge is part of the process of self-discovery. We need to feel better about ourselves so that we can fully enjoy one of the most moving journeys we have ever had.

So that every day is born the best of us!

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