Nothing is impossible: want is power!

Nothing is impossible: want is power!

There is no worse sentence than "drop" or "you can not make it …".
These affirmations begin the deepest of each of us' identities, causing frustrated dreams, and gradually turn into a dark and scary voice that continually tells us that we can not do or follow what we aspire to .

The man in the gray suit

Because of these situations, we find ourselves with hundreds of people on the streets, unhappy, working in places they do not like, because they have been told that to reach their dreams or do what they want, was on the order of the impossible.
They have been told over and over again that it was not the natural way of things, that it was not advisable, that it was better to do what society or parents dictated.
A typical example: the social prestige of a doctor is much better than becoming a saxophonist.

The people who turned their dreams into reality

But it is never too late, and there is always the solution to take time to stop and move towards what we really want to learn, do or be.
There are no more limits than those we put ourselves.
If you do not believe it, ask Jacob Barnett, a child who was born with Asperger's Syndrome and whose parents told him that he would not be able to learn to speak or do simple things like tying laces.
And Jacob not only did all this, but he also earned his title of astrophysics at age 14, becoming the youngest in the world to obtain it, and is about to get his doctorate in quantum physics, among other success.
Another reference is that ofPablo Pineda, who broke all paradigms by becoming the first person with Down to obtain a university degree in Europe and to play the lead role in a film.Similarly, the case of Iker, a child with Down syndrome, who speaks English, French and Spanish fluently.
The list can extend over many pages, and the conclusion is always the same: whoever wants can. It is necessary to know that everyone is the absolute master of his destiny, the limits are set by ourselves, because we decide who we want to listen to and who we want to obey, to whom we give power over our own life.
And that is why dreams and aspirations must never be abandoned.

To remember where we are going

But how do we remember what we want to be?
One of the techniques is to write a diary, in which we must note each day the objectives we want to achieve, and what we must do for that, not to mention the possible obstacles. It is important to read it frequently, paying attention to what is written.
Another technique, a little more popular, is to create a mental map, with clippings (journals) to visualize exactly what we want to get. It must be placed in a visible place, in order to remember each day what are our goals and our mental aspirations.
"Dream as if you were going to live forever, live as if you were going to die tomorrow". This sentence of the American actor James Dean sums up perfectly the importance of dreams and struggle for them.
Your life is yours, take it in hand and live it!
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