Neo-machists: 5 keys to identify them

Neo-machists: 5 keys to identify them

Despite the constant changes experienced by our society, machismo is still an attitude and a way of thinking rooted in various cultures and societies. There are still many prejudices and beliefs that should be eliminated because they tend to devalue women. In fact, some of them present themselves with a certain subtlety and belong to the neo-machists. What is neo-machismo then?

In western societies, the open and more traditional machismo has gradually disappeared with the years. However, there is still a legacy left in some people who continue to defend the values ​​that women have a lower position than men. These people hide their opinion. Their arguments are more subtle but are always based on the mistaken idea that the woman has less value than another person. deepen.

How are the neo-machists?

As we mentioned earlier, neo-machists are people who believe in the inferiority of women. Thus, they reproduce more or less classic ideas of machismo by giving it less intensity. Some women express this type of machismo.

Thus, neo-machismo is not based on blind hatred towards women as it may be in misogyny. We simply base ourselves on the belief that being a woman is like having less valueFewer rights and opportunities for personal and professional development, and there is scorn for them.

By following, we will present some identifiable characteristics among neo-macho people.

1. Haughty conduct

Neo-machismo can, in an apparent way, express itself with women through an advantageous relationship. This approach is fundamental in the belief that women have lower growth and intelligence. For this reason, it is necessary to address it in a simpler and superficial way. Moreover, neo-machists always think that they are not responsible for their decisions and their life in general.

2. Importance of traditional values

Neo-machists do not explicitly express or defend the superiority of man over women. They however, show a certain aspiration for the more traditional values ​​that are perceptible in macho societies and cultures. An example might be the claim that the woman lives only for her partner, without enjoying any kind of freedom or individuality.

3. Usual Comments on Women's Physics

This type of profile shows a tendency to achieve repeated comments on the physical aspect of women.

This behavior is due to the fact that in neo-machismo, the appearance of women is of great importance. It is considered to be their most important factor in their reproductive value.

4. Constant references to the reproductive function of women

Another habitual behavior of neo-machists is to make references to the reproductive role of women as if it were one of the main goals of their lives. The basis of this reasoning lies in the fact that within traditional societies, the role of women is limited to the domestic sphere and to education. while man is responsible for authoritarian aspects and life in society.

In this way, the neo-machists defend the idea that the male figure can not be reduced to a single attribute while the woman can be valued solely for her body and her direct relation to reproduction. Nevertheless, all this is expressed behind a disguised subtlety.

5. Criticism of female leadership

For neo-machists, seeing women in high positions or positions of power is not well regarded. Leadership is not in line with the traditional feminine ideal. For this reason, people who bow to neo-machismo will show great sensitivity to the mistakes made by women who are above them at the hierarchical level.

As we can see, despite initiatives to promote equality between men and women, some remains are still noticeable. These are myths that must be eliminated and rigid minds against which it is necessary to fight. Although this list is only a simple introduction to neo-machismo and those who practice it; let's not forget that there are many characteristics that can define them. In addition, it is important to keep in mind the context in which the person is.

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