Negative thoughts: the metaphor of the computer screen

Negative thoughts: the metaphor of the computer screen

The metaphor of the computer screen shows us to what extent the influence of our thoughts on us can be great, sometimes even making us lose sight of our goals. We are talking here about a remedy / therapeutic supplement used to describe in a simple way how our thoughts can affect us in everyday situations.

Through this metaphor, one expresses a situation from two different points of view. Certainly it serves as an example allowing us to see how negative thoughts can affect us when we seek to achieve our goals.

In the metaphor of the computer screen, the messages that appear represent the negative automatic thoughtsThese ideas contaminate many of our thought processes by conditioning them, putting an end to them and generating a certain uneasiness in us. Studies on this subject confirm that these thoughts push us to failure. Moreover, when this happens, the worst thing is that we are not always able to detect negative thoughts as the triggers of the result.

The metaphor of the computer screen

Two co-workers meet at the office and share a work table. Suddenly, both begin to receive messages on their computer screen with the following comments: "you will not be able to solve the problem" and "you are useless".

The first of the two tries to delete the messagesbut they reappear. She decides to focus on her tasks and tries not to be affected by previous comments. Although she can still do anything, she decides to continue doing what she loves most: her job.

After receiving the same type of messages, the second tries to delete them at any cost. Comments distract her or even affect her self-esteemso she can not move on and keep working if she can not get those words off her screen.

Finally, she can not erase messages or carry out her work, because these messages caused her to block her which prevented her from being able to work quietly and normally. Thus, the more her suffering increases, more negative messages are multiplying on her screen, in fact generated by herself.

She looks at her colleague hatefully because she sees her workingbut also because it seems that his work of the day is effective. Finally, she thinks that if her colleague can work this way, it's simply because she probably does not receive the same messages as her.

Lessons that can be learned from the metaphor of the computer screen

From this metaphor, we can draw the following conclusions:

1. Several possible solutions in the same situation

After discovering the metaphor of the computer screen, we can see that faced with the same situation, there is two people who decide to act differently. This is a good example to realize the point at which self-confidence is important.

When you have doubts or work with negative messages, you need to regain control of your attention and divert it elsewhere. Nothing is ever only positive or only negative ; generally, we are rather in equilibrium than, from our partial point of view, we value in one way or another.

2. Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts appear in our mind unexpectedly. They are the result of our personal experiences and sometimes they distract us and prevent us from achieving our goals.

Negative thoughts generate doubts and ill-being in us. However, they are natural and arrive automatically. We recommend you to learn not to feed them rather than to try to make them disappear.

"A strongly positive attitude will give rise to more miracles than any drug."

-Patricia Neal-

Which of these two work colleagues do you identify with?

Our first protagonist was able to overcome the obstacles in order to be able to do everything she had to do before the end of her work day. As a result, she managed to win the battle against the negative thoughts that may have emanated from her mind. So, even though sometimes these kinds of thoughts come, it's very important to try to keep control to prevent such ideas from recurring in our thoughts.

On the contrary, the other character in the story gives in to the pressure, which generates on the screen of his computer the appearance of a shower of negative messages that disrupt his natural work rhythm. We can see all the energy she puts into trying to overcome an initial situation that ends up overcoming her. She is neither better nor worse than her colleague, but the latter simply uses a more appropriate strategy.

Finally, the metaphor of the computer screen is a good example to understand the importance of the strategies of confrontation. Strategies that operate not only at the behavioral level, but also at the mental level.

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